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Roulette, a luck-based table game, has made it to the league of high stakes casino games in which the limits are very high. Typically, online casinos offer the game in two formats – in one, the maximum table limit is equal to or more than $500 (on average), and in the other, there are no limits. Before choosing a high stakes roulette game format, you should decide whether you want to place a cap on how much you spend per bet. For instance, in case you want to wager in the range of $400-$700, games with table limits will be a good choice as they don’t allow you to wager more.

No limit high stakes roulette games are the best option for players who do not want to limit their bet amounts. However, no limit roulette games are offered only at a few online casinos. Most other sites that offer high limit roulette only run games with table limits.

How to Choose High Stakes Roulette Games

When choosing a high stakes roulette game, you should look for a few factors beside the table limit – the outside and inside bets, and the pinnacle. Casinos will set caps on the maximum amount a player will be allowed to wager on each outside bet. For example, if a site has a game with $500 max on each outside bet, you will be allowed to wager as much on each option. A similar limit will be placed on the maximum amount you can wager on each inside bet.

Remember, the table limit pertains to the total amount that a player can bet on each spin, which will include the inside and outside bets. Some sites do not have limits on the inside and outside bets; instead they have a cap on the total amount that can be wagered anywhere on the table. This gives players the flexibility to bet according to their preference on any area on the roulette table.

Recommended Online Casinos with High Stakes Roulette Games

Casino Titan – top high stakes casino online which is US friendly and both Mac and PC friendly too. Be sure to take advantage of the exclusive bonus offered through our links, and get your winnings now.

888 Casino (NON-US friendly) – The site places a cap of $100 on each inside and outside bet placed at its high stakes roulette games. The maximum amount you can wager on a spin is $2,000. On average, the payout percentage of all the roulette games offered at 888 Casino is 97.59%, which is quite high.

Europa Casino (NON-US friendly) – It has a variant of high stakes roulette called Pinball Roulette. The game, developed by Playtech, gives players the option to place wagers of $5 maximum on each betting option. The total bet permitted in the game is £5,000. The casino site also has a bonus for high-rollers, which offers €1000. (NON-US friendly) – The site has a number of high-stakes roulette games like Premium American Roulette, Premium European Roulette and Premium French Roulette. The games have table limits which allow high-rollers to make the most of their big bankrolls. The Premium Roulette series, developed by Playtech, has betting limits on the straight-up wagers placed at the table. To find out the cap on each of the positions, you will have to open the game and mouse over its ‘limit’ option.

Avoid playing high stakes roulette games in the American format. It gives the house more edge than do other versions like French and European roulette. To begin with, roulette has the highest house edge among all casino games – close to 3%. In American Roulette, the edge increases to almost 5.3%. When you wager huge sums of money in high-stakes American Roulette, there is a strong likelihood that you will lose all of it. However, one of the best aspects about playing high stakes roulette games is that if you win, the payout will be very high and you can bag huge sums of money in one spin of the wheel.