HoldemPoker and PokerRoom Merge


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I just received an email from OnGame that talked about a soon to come merge of HoldemPoker and PokerRoom.com. Here is part of the email:

HoldemPoker.com is now going to be joined together with PokerRoom.com. This will create an even bigger poker site, with even more promotions, tournaments, and special features.

Basically, players will now be playing at PokerRoom.com and not HoldemPoker.com. This shouldn’t cause too many problems though, because there aren’t any duplicate accounts out there, at least none with the same screen name. The OnGame network didn’t allow anybody who already had an account with an OnGame network website use the same username on another OnGame network website.

In light of this new move, I may be removing the HoldemPoker advertisements from this website. We aren’t on any contract or anything, but I’ll be in close contact with HoldemPoker.com about what they wish to do in regards to my Mac poker website.

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