Hollywood Poker August Promotions


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Fascinated by the idea of playing with professional players and celebrities? Hollywood Poker is your big break for the bright lights and fame of high-stakes poker!

The site that has been offering some of the softest and most celebrity-packed virtual tables around, is now bringing both new and existing players some of the best opportunities to earn cash while taking part in these games. Deposit bonuses, new twists to old favorites, and season-specific promotions are all awaiting players.

In one of Hollywood Poker’s latest promotions, they’ll be focusing on players who have an “eye for elegance.” If you don’t mind the occasional flirt from a beautiful love interest, or jealousy from your closest friends, you can pick up one of five Rolex Submariner watches — one of the most attractive watches found anywhere — each with a value of over $9,500!

In order to collect your rare piece of jewelry, players will need to accumulate at least 10,000 player points between selected dates in order to join the Hollywood Poker Rolex Freeroll tournament. This tournament will be held in August, and during that time, you could be one of five players to receive the exclusive black Rolex Submariner watch!

Hollywood Poker has also boosted their popularity in the recent months by now offering one of the biggest deposit methods used on the web — Giropay. One of the leading e-wallets in Europe, Giropay is an easy, hassle-free way to secure your Hollywood Poker funds online. If you need to transfer money directly from a bank account, there’s few better ways to do so.

Released in late May, there’s now a new-and-improved poker client for Hollywood Poker. While in years past Hollywood Poker has produced a competitive Java-based poker platform, they’ve recently released one that’s much more up-to-date and intuitive.

Now allowing players to play up to 10 tables at once, you can enjoy 10x the action, 10x the fun, and hopefully, win 10x the money!

Additional features such as “show your folded hand,” and improved single-table efficiency will be sure to impress existing users. Be sure to check out their new Java-based client right away.

Deposit bonuses are typically the most attractive benefit of joining a poker site. Our relationship with Hollywood Poker has allowed our readers to earn up to $1,000, just by making your first deposit.

Depending on the amount you decide to deposit, new players will earn somewhere between a 100%-400% deposit match. Ranging from the casual player, to the professional multi-table grinder, there’s a little something for everyone in terms of deposit bonuses. And let’s not forget, when you make your first deposit, you’ll be earning FOUR free tickets into any $100 Freeroll tournament of your choice!

Last, but certainly not least, Hollywood Poker has brought back their Omaha Points Race. In one of the most popular promotions found on any poker site, players immersed in the Omaha action can earn their fair share of a $1,500 prize pool, simply by playing in your favorite real-money Omaha cash games and moving up into the Top 15 of overall standings. Have the most points by the end of August, and you’ll add an easy $350 to your online bankroll.

Hollywood Poker continues to give back with all of these opportunities, plus a few regulars such as their Value Back Player Program (VBPP) and clubHOLLYWOODpoker. Also, be sure to check out some of their Celebrity Invitationals in the upcoming weeks, which offer bounties on every celebrity that you eliminate.

Make sure to frequently visit their web site for all of the details, and check back with us here on Mac Poker Online for more information.

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