How to Play Online Poker for Mac


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Apple Logo Question MarkWhen I bought my new Mac, I was really excited, excited to get online and play poker. However, after realizing that most online poker rooms were only made for Microsoft Windows, I was on a hunt for information about where I could play poker for Mac. This is my story and a guide on where to play Mac poker.

The first thing that I did when I bought my Mac was visit However, at the time, Party Poker did not have a Mac compatible poker client. I was lost. As most of my friends were playing poker at Party Poker, I was left in the dust, searching for an online poker room that was compatible with Mac. Fortunately for you, there is now a Mac Party Poker client, which Macintosh users can play without having to download anything onto the computer. (Note: There is a bonus listed on that page especially for Mac poker players.)

After leaving, I didn’t know where to go. The only thing that I could think of was to get over to and do a search. I searched for terms like “Play poker for Mac” and “Where to play Mac poker,” but I didn’t get any results that were relevant to what I was looking for. This is when I decided to do a little bit more research and start the development of my Mac poker site.

I searched for rooms that had a downloadable poker client for Mac, but didn’t find ANY. Then I thought to myself, “I wonder if you even have to download the poker software to play?” This is when I started finding answers. I searched in Google again for terms like “no download poker” and found a few compatible poker rooms.

The first room that I visited was Pacific Poker, and is still my favorite online poker room today. I found out that they have no download poker software that was called the “Quick Play” feature. I simply visited their website, signed up to play, and made my first deposit. I knew that this was the place that I would stay for the coming years. (Note: if you visit the link above, you will find a information about a special bonus Mac poker players.)

I wasn’t done with my research just yet. I moved on to find another Mac poker room known as PokerRoom. This online poker room also has similar attributes to that of Pacific Poker. They have no download poker software and it is easy to make your first deposit. I did enjoy playing the free games here, but I was still happier with Pacific Poker (I like being able to see the bet sizes).

All in all, those are the rooms that I found in my search for Mac poker rooms. There are quite a few more right now because the rooms have been realizing the need for us Mac users. You can find an updated list with objective ratings by surfing to my Mac online poker site.

I hope that this article has helped you find an online poker room that has Mac compatible poker software. I had fun doing the research, and even more fun playing at the rooms. It’s nice to know that the work I’ve done is helpful to other people. If you enjoyed this article, please feel free to let me know by using one of the contact forms at one of my Mac poker sites.


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