Interviewed by BBC, American RadioWorks


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I added an article about manipulating a poker table’s dynamics which I wrote from an experience of mine while I was playing Party Poker the other night. I also wanted to thank BBC radio and American Public Radio works for interviewing me and my group as we played our usual Texas Holdem poker game.

They came to me via email and asked if I was available for an interview. Of course, I accepted and they now have a large article on their sites. Go to American Radio works and read about the online poker documentary for yourself. There is also a large amount of information about how young people are playing poker at the BBC Radio’s site. It’s funny how the documentary also mentions how online poker companies are advertising in colleges too.

I also organized a directory of the online poker sites that have Texas Holdem for Mac. You can use the chart by clicking the links to go where you want to go such as the reviews or the sites.

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