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iPhone PokeriPhone Poker & iPad Poker players can now play online poker using their mobile device. The only site that currently offers mobile poker via the iPhone and iPad is Switch Poker. American poker players are out of luck though, as there are no options currently available for US poker players. For everybody else, play poker for iPhone at Switch Poker through our links and you’ll receive a special bonus code offer.

Recently we covered why users can’t download real-money poker apps on their Apple iPhone and iPad mobile devices, but does this mean it can’t be done at all?  Not exactly.  A few sites are testing out the possibility of offering web-only iPhone and iPad poker applications that would allow users to play poker without the need for an app at all, but these are still in the testing phase.  Until these options become available, there are a few workarounds for playing real-money poker for iPad and iPhone, so let’s get started.

The process of playing online poker for iPhone or iPad we will be using involves setting up a Mac or PC for poker, then using a remote desktop application to access it from your iPad or iPhone.  This means you will not only have to have a separate computer, but it will need to be running when you need to access it.

  1. First, set up your home computer or laptop for playing on your favorite online poker site, and make sure the software is installed and your account is registered correctly.
  2. You will need to install a remote desktop application.  This allows you to see the desktop of your home computer on another device, just as if you were sitting in front of that machine.  I recommend a free program called TightVNC for Windows machines, and Vine Server for Mac machines, which offers a demo mode.  Once installed, you may have to open a port in your firewall to allow other programs to access your machine.  Check the help file for more information on this subject.
  3. Now you need a VNC program for your mobile device. Mocha VNC Lite is a free version for iPhone and iPad, but it is not as full-featured as Jaadu VNC.  Try the free app first to see if it meets your needs.
  4. Get the ip address from your server computer and enter it into the VNC app on your iPhone or iPad, and you should be able to see the remote computer’s desktop.
  5. I highly recommend you test out this process with a few play money games first before diving into real money games.  It will take some time to get used to the interface and potential timing lags before you will want to put your real money at stake.

While this is not the most elegant solution in the world, it will get iPhone and iPad poker players up and running for the time being, until better options come along in a more stable capacity.

All that said and done, remember to go through the Switch Poker review page.

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