Is Free Poker Illegal?


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According to the state of New York the popular form of free poker also known as the Bar Poker League is illegal in the state of New York. The form of bar poker is popular all over the country and it is an advertising scheme to try and attract customers to come to their establishments and purchase drinks and food in this ever so hurting economy. There is one company though that is not going to try and let the state of New York try and outlaw free poker since well it is free and there is no risk to the participant and the way they say they are going to achieve this is by taking the state of New York to court.

The company that is taking a stand against the state is the Missouri based company Free Poker Experience LLC, who says that gambling is defined as “a gambler stakes or risks something of value upon the outcome of a contest, with an agreement or understanding that he will receive something of value in the event of a certain outcome.” The owner of Free Poker Experience LLC, says that like all bar poker leagues, the entry to play is free and depending on how well you do you may get a prize.

The only transaction of currency for these bar poker leagues comes from the bar establishment themselves and they pay for companies like Free Poker Experience LLC to come out to the establishment and run a night of poker fun, which in doing so provides paying customers to the bar establishments.

The state of New York says though that if you look at the New York law and truly go by the guidelines, then everyone that goes into the establishment and plays poker for FREE can be charged with a class-A misdemeanor and even worse the bar that the poker is played in can actually lose the liquor license that they possess.

So by these means Free Poker Experience LLC is taking the state of New York to court to clarify what is gambling and what is not. Any new developments that we hear about this case we will get this information out to you as soon as we get it.

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