Settling a Popular Debate – Is Online Poker Rigged?


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is online poker rigged

Thousands of online poker players and those considering playing poker online have been debating a hot topic – is online poker rigged? It’s time to, once and for all, settle this seemingly endless debate. To settle it I am going to show you both sides of the argument and then determine which side is right.

The Argument from Players that Lose at Poker Online

There are three different types of players that seem to know the answer to the question is online poker rigged? First, we have our winning poker players that don’t complain. If you were a winning player, why would you complain about online poker being rigged? The other two types of players are those that lose.

The first group is the players that claim to win all the time in casinos but can’t win online. So they assume the poker sites must be rigged. The other group is the players that think the crazy amount of bad beats online are causing them to lose.

The argument from both groups of losing players is the same. They use the “it’s not me, it’s you” opinion. In this case, the “you” is the poker site. Poker players have a hard time admitting they have weaknesses. Instead, they resort to “this site is rigged”. They claim there are too many bad beats for it to be legit, their Aces keep getting cracked by 7-2, and that they lose every race.

The Argument from the Online Poker Sites

Is online poker rigged? Not if you ask the online poker sites directly. All of the top online poker sites (i.e. Bovada, Carbon Poker, Party Poker, 888 Poker, etc.) use a Random number generator that is tested for legitimacy by 3rd-party technicians. A random number generator is difficult to manipulate. Even a top programmer would have a hard time rigging a random number generator.

Online poker sites have another argument that is valid. When players claim there are far more bad beats than what they see offline, they are absolutely correct. Of course, there should be more bad beats online – there are more hands dealt. If you get a bad beat every 2 hours playing live poker you should expect 3-4 bad beats playing online, and that’s assuming you’re only playing one table at a time.

So… Is Online Poker Rigged?

Now it’s time for me to finally answer my opinion to the age-old question, “is online poker rigged”? My answer is a definitive “NO”, but potentially “YES” on some sites. Unfortunately, I simply don’t trust some online poker sites. I just don’t know about the legitimacy of some of these sites.

I do know about the legitimacy of the sites we’ve listed in our top poker sites. I’ve played on many of those sites and found NOTHING out of the ordinary. When playing poker online, you have to realize that you’re going to suffer through a bunch of bad beats because there are so many bad players chasing cards and more hands dealt per hour online than offline. So if it seems like the site is rigged, either you aren’t playing on our recommended sites or you aren’t taking into account the fact that there are more hands dealt online.

7 Responses to “Settling a Popular Debate – Is Online Poker Rigged?”

  1. LostInPoker

    Hard to rig a site these days,Can you explain why the “safe” sites you have selected are headed by Crabon -when in fact it operates in USA in the very grey area of the law with legal protection for the players ? doesnt seem “safe” to me -yet the worlds largest site Stars doesnt appear ? seem you list is more of that that pays the largest commission to you than based on how safe they are -perhaps you should also point out that Carbon one of the very few that pays ZERO rake back -if you are going to shill for sites at least try and be up front about the quality of the sites you promote !
    Thank You

  2. chris

    Ronald Dale Harris had inside info about the random number generator used in Keno and its source code. He was able to calculate what numbers were going to hit, and passed them along to his buddy in the early 1990’s.

    The argument that it’s difficult even for a genius to do is absurd.

    If it can be done, it’s being done.

    C’mon, people steal from church.

  3. James

    All I can say is if you really think any gambling site is not rigged in their favor you are retarded and deserve to lose your money.

  4. Gwin

    I think they have been programmed to set players up so that more players will get busted in effect raking more money for the sites.

  5. Devilfish

    Anyone of you out there that believes online poker is not rigged , YOU ARE CRAZY.right when you play online in the play money side of thing you will always win , when there a big promotion on like spin the wheel your never land on anything but shit, the wheel is rigged then the site can and will rig the cards to there liking, it’s happened before at UB and it happens all the time everywhere else, the RNG are located in the back Waters of obscure lands with not real rules , also there’s so much money involved with this Ponzi scam that we will never find out the truth because everyone pulling the strings stand to loose to much money . My poker tracker is sure proof there is no way on earth you can have this meny bad beats impossible. You can be phil Ivey and believe the site will fuck you sideways no matter if you only play AA from the button hand after hand , one of the best tricks is to deal good strong players rag after rag after rag the when you pick up KK be sure an A will hit donkey who calls with A 6 off , it’s a Ponzi there no dought and your completely mental to think otherwise

  6. dex mccune

    i played 888 party poker william hill paddy power world series etc etc theyre all rigged and better still they all run the same programme your not playing against real people your playing against bots against the house you have no chance of winning . stay clear of online poker from any source its a giant scam i repeat stay clear youve been warned . you will loose youre house


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