It’s Time To Dream


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Poker is evolving and for the better, because on November 7th, Hard Rock Casino is going to be hosting the first Dream Team Poker tournament. Dream Team Poker is predicted to be very popular since each player has a better chance to win tournament dollars than playing just for themselves.

You ask what is Dream Team Poker? Well it is just like any other poker tournament except for the fact that each player is apart of a team setting. Actually each player is apart of a three player team and the objective is for all three players to make it as far into the tournament as possible so they gain as little of points as possible. See at the end of the tournament, the team with the least amount of points will win a very lucrative cash prize to be split among the teammates.

Each team will need to buy-in to the tournament for $3,000. The prize pool will then be divided up, which most of the money will be going to the top four players in the tournament. The remaining prize pool will then go to the top four teams with the lowest amount of points at the end of the tournament.

The scoring of the tournament is made real simple, because the score each player receives is whatever place they finish the tournament in. Put it this way, if a player gets knocked out in 31st place, then the score they receive is 31. When the tournament is finished, every teams scored is assessed, but the kicker is only the top two lowest scores are kept for each team and the third players score is thrown out. The only time the third players score will come into play is if there is a tie between two teams.

This new tournament at the Hard Rock Casino is only open to 25 teams which has already been filled. For players out there that are bummed out by that news don’t be worried because with the excitement over this first tournament, it won’t be long until you see a team style tournament at a poker room near you.

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