JC Tran Wins Party Poker Premier League III


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Six players fought it out for the honor to be the champion of the Party Poker Premier League III. Juha Helppi, who won the first Party Poker Premier League, would make a return to the final table after missing out last year, and Andy Black, champion of Party Poker Premier League II, would barely miss this year’s final table.

Other members of the final table were 2009 WSOP Main Event Champion Peter Eastgate, dominating online player Tom Dwan, last year’s runner-up Roland de Wolfe, JC Tran, and Tony Guoga.

Peter Eastgate was the first to fall out of the final six, doing so when he failed on his steal attempt against JC Tran. Eastgate reraised JC Tran preflop and then moved all-in on a king-high flop. Unfortunately for Eastgate, his steal attempts were doomed by the pocket aces Tran was holding, and he was eliminated, collecting $30,000.

Roland de Wolfe moved all-in after he picked up pocket kings and found himself up against the [Ad][Qc] of Juha Helppi. Tom Dwan let it be known that he had folded an ace, leaving Helppi with two outs. One of the two remaining aces landed on the flop, and after Roland de Wolfe would not hit his own two-outer as no king landed on the board. Roland de Wolfe earned $40,000 for his fifth place finish.

Tony G and Tom Dwan mixed it up in a hand that would see Dwan heading for the exits. Tony G bet on a flop of [8c][7s][5h] and Dwan moved all-in with [8h][6s] for top pair and an open-ended straight draw. Tony G called and showed [Jc][8d] for top pair and a better kicker. The [2d] on the turn was no help for Dwan, and needing a nine, six, or four, the river delivered instead the [Kd]. Tom Dwan was done in fourth place for a payday of $50,000.

Juha Helppi’s hopes of becoming a two-time champion were dashed when he exited in third place. Once again it was Tony G doing the eliminating, as Helppi shoved all-in with [As][10d] and Tony G called with a dominating [Ad][Qc]. A queen landed on the flop to further reduce Helppi’s chances, and Helppi would receive no miracle on the turn or river. Juha Helppi’s third place finish would be rewarded with $80,000.

Now only two players remained, Tony G and JC Tran. Tony G was the chip leader for most of heads-up play, but JC Tran would comeback to take the chip lead and then take the tournament shortly after taking the lead. The final hand occurred when JC Tran limped into the pot with [9c][7d] and Tony G checked with [Ks][8d]. The flop came down [7h][6h][5d] to give Tony G an open-ended straight draw and overcards while JC Tran hit top pair and a gutshot straight draw. Tony G check-raised all-in and Tran made the call. The [Jc] landed on the turn and the river card of [2d] ended the tournament.

Tony G earned $150,000 for his runner-up performance while JC Tran collected $300,000 for emerging as the champion of Party Poker Premier League III.

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