Joe Sebok Signs With UB


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Joe SebokUltimate Bet makes a big move in their efforts to redeem their online poker name and bring back some credibility to their poker room.  Ultimate Bet has had a history of scandals (one actually appeared on ’60 Minutes’) and mishaps that affected the way people view the Ultimate Bet website.  They have made a giant step forward by signing professional poker player Joe Sebok, the stepson of legendary poker pro Barry Greenstein.  Sebok signed on with Ultimate Bet as a sponsored player and also as a consultant for the company.  Sebok is  the founder of  PokerRoad is a ‘multi-media outlet’ that provides poker through Poker TV, Poker Radio,  and also Poker in Print.  Sebok also has a success with the actual game with live tournament winnings exceeding $1.7 million in cold hard cash.

Mr. Sebok has had first place victories in the 2006 Mirage Poker Showdown WPT event ($150,165), the 2006 Heavanly Hold’em Championship ($209,060), the 2006 WPT Festa Al Logo Classic event ($267,295), as well as the 2007 L.A. Poker Classic event for over ($96,000).  Sebok became a professional poker player almost by accident because his plans were to attend business school but the job market was so poker became his profession (worked out pretty well IMO).  Sebok continually says that he just chasing dreams as he is living his life and suggest others to do the same.

I would imagine Ultimate Bet is taking Sebok’s positive history with poker will bring back the better name that Ultimate Bet once held.  Sebok stated that he believes the scandals and mishaps are a thing of the past when it comes to Ultimate Bet stating, “With all of that said, I honestly feel comfortable working with the Ub leadership as it stands today, and I believe resolutely that there is a commitment to security and integrity within the organization. I will still work vigilantly to make sure that all of the facts continue to come out regarding the past scandal as well, so I don’t see my position there as simply moving forward.”  Hopefully Seboks statement holds true and he puts his input in to help UB become a top notch website.  Sebok won’t be alone in this effort as Ultimate Bet’s poker pro include Adam “Roothlus” Levy, Annie Duke, Billy Kopp, Bryan Devonshire, Brandon Cantu, Gary “Debo34” DeBernardi, Hollywood Dave, Liv Boeree, Matt Graham, Michael Binger, Mark “POker HO” Kroon, Scott Ian, Shawn Rice, Tiffany Michelle, and last but certainly least Phil “Poker Brat” Hellmuth.

Sebok just signed the deal recently and with his life basically surrounded by poker, I believe that Ultimate Bet can only benefit with this move.  Yes they have the legendary Phil Hellmuth but this gives Ultimate Bet a fresh young face to add to Team Ultimate Bet.  It may just be me but it would be nice to see Sebok bring his radio and TV traits to Ultimate Bet to possibly revamp the website and create a poker room unlike any other poker room out there.  Good luck goes to Joe Sebok as he takes on Ultimate Bet.

Craig Fleck

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  1. John

    Ultimate Bet cheats poker players.
    With so many other good sites, Poker Stars for example, why would you risk it?
    They cheated, got got and now they say trust us. No thanks.


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