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There are several different Las Vegas transportation options available to you. Picking the best method truly relies on what you’re trying to get out of your trip. Most people want to get where they want without spending a lot of money, while others wish to travel in style. I’ve done both and I’m here to give you advice about your trip based on my experiences.

Frugal Traveling in Las Vegas

If you’re only goal is to get somewhere while preserving money for other things, then read on. If not, skip this section. Most people traveling to Las Vegas don’t know much about how transportation works here. In fact, about 25% of travelers get ripped off in some shape or manner.

Tip #1 – Rent a Taxi

Taxi rates are reasonable in Vegas considering everything is so close. Remember though, Las Vegas taxi drivers don’t like giving change so try to carry lots of one and five dollar bills so you can pay for the fare and give a buck or two as a tip. Oh, and don’t bother trying to stop a taxi on the strip, they won’t stop. It is against the law for them to stop anywhere on the strip except at a hotel entrance. Look for the nearest hotel and that’s where you’ll board.

Also, stay away from CLS. CLS is the Chauffeur Limousine Service that runs throughout the strip. These vehicles are typically black Lincoln Town Cars with a label “CLS” attached to them. Don’t take them; they cost about $40 for a regular Chauffeur and even more for a stretch limo. The drivers will try to talk you into using their service by offering you discounts, but don’t bite.

I once listened to a Chauffeur and got charged $30 for what would have been a $6 cab ride. He told us that is normal price was $40, but he would drive us for $30 and get us to the front of a line in a nightclub. What we didn’t realize that the nightclub that he suggested we go to was practically across the street. We were okay with that as long as we could get into the club by passing the line. However, when we got the club there wasn’t any line at all!

Tip #2 – Take “The Deuce” Bus

There is a fleet of city operated buses that cruise the strip. I’m not yet sure if they run 24 hours, but I know that they run most of the day. This fleet is known as “The Deuce” and each bus is a double decker and can hold about 120 passengers, if not more. You can ride the bus for $2.50 per ride or you can buy a day pass for $5.00, allowing you to ride as many times as you like for 24 hours after you buy your ticket. This is by far the best deal, if you don’t mind waiting for other passengers at the bus stops.

Tip #3 – Rent a Car

Not the best option, but if you plan on driving a lot or even doing some sightseeing, then renting a car is probably the best option. Taxis can quickly become expensive and they always expect to be tipped. If you do decide to rent a car, then I strongly recommend using Dollar Rent-a-car. I’m not affiliated with them; they just have the lowest prices, excellent service, and the newest fleet of cars. The only setback is you might have to wait in a longer line as other travelers have found this same company to be the best overall.

Tip #4 – Take the Monorail

If you’re only planning on traveling on the southernmost part of the strip, and perhaps the Las Vegas Convention Center, then the monorail may be your best option. This option can be quite expensive if you have a large group, as tickets are about $5 per ride per person. The monorail travels between the Las Vegas Convention Center all the way down to Mandalay Bay and makes stops at other casinos such as Harrah’s and Flamingo. The farther away from your destination, the better deal it is for you. You can also buy 10 tickets at once for just $35.

Tip #5 – Take a Taxi to the Stripclub

Taxi drivers get mega bonus bucks for delivering people to the strip clubs, sometimes as much as $60 per person that they drop off. Ask the cab driver if they’ll bring you to a strip club for free and they’re usually more than happy. Make sure to give them a small tip for doing so.

Luxurious Traveling in Las Vegas

Now, if you are not the typical traveler, trying to squeeze as much juice out of your dollars as possible, then you might consider the more luxurious transportation available in Las Vegas.

Tip #1 – Use CLS Chauffeur Service

By all means, use the CLS service. They may be expensive, but most drivers are more knowledgeable about what’s going on in Las Vegas and might be able to tell you a story while you ride. Also, these guys have connections. If you want to get into a sold out show or want to know more about a construction project, the typical CLS driver can tell you just what you need to get you what you want.

Tip #2 – Rent a Luxury Car

There are tons of car rental facilities in Las Vegas, and most all of them can at least get you into a newer Mercedes. If you’re looking for something nice, search Google for something like “Las Vegas Luxury Car Rental.” You’ll find rentals from $149 a day for a Mercedes C230 up to $1599 for a Lamborghini Gallardo convertible.