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During the Full Tilt Poker commercials that you always see on television you always hear the quote “Learn From The Pros” right at the end of every commercial and well when they said that they basically were just telling you to come and play at Full Tilt Poker and learn on your own just from playing. Well that quote “Learn From The Pros” now has a new meaning when you hear it on the Full Tilt Poker commercials because Full Tilt Poker has recently released a tool that is available to all players on Full Tilt Poker. This tool that I am talking about is the Full Tilt Poker Academy which you can find a link to on the homepage of Full Tilt Poker. The best part of this academy is that there is no cost and it is free to every player that is registered on Full Tilt Poker however there is a silver level and a gold level and the way to gain gold status is to accumulate 500 ftp points. The difference between the gold and the silver levels is the amount of videos that you are allowed to view and some other perks that are allowed to gold status members.

What Full Tilt Poker is going to be offering to all of its players is an outlet with all different kinds of videos from its team of pros. These videos will range from simple micro-stake no-limit and limit hold em’ all the way up to some pretty big stakes PLO action. These videos will also come with an option for the viewers to choose at the end of watching the video where they can test their knowledge of what they just learned and depending on how they do during the test they are given, they can win a spot in a freeroll that will be played at the end of each month.

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