Live from the 2007 WSOP


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As you may know, the World Series of Poker is the largest poker event of the year, and it’s happening right now as I write this. I decided to fly down to Vegas to catch my first glimpse of the WSOP and meet some of the pros in person. Let me tell you what, it is the most exciting event that I’ve ever been to regarding poker.

The first day, I didn’t quite know where to park or how to get to the tournament inside the Rio casino, but eventually I figured it out. After working my way through a large crowd of players, I finally reached the biggest poker room that I have ever seen in my life. The room is so large that the Rio had to use their convention center in order to have enough space for even the smallest WSOP poker tournaments.

The room is separated by a few rows that players and observers can walk through. Each section created by having these rows held a different tournament or cash games. I decided to sit down at the cash game tables and see how I could do. It seemed that the cash games were filled with players who were still in tournament mode, making large bets and raises compared to the typical ones that I’m used to seeing in my regular no-limit games. To make a long story short, I was glad that I sat down at the cash games as one loose tournament player helped to pay for my entire Vegas trip.

I saved the next few days to meet and spot out as many famous poker players as possible. Although I didn’t apply for a media pass, I got a few good shots of the pros with my camera, which I will be posting here soon. I met famous players such as Phil Ivey, Phil Hellmuth, Cindy Violette, Layne Flack, Doyle Brunson, Humberto, and many more. It was amazing how many pros were there.

Anyways, I’m on the plane right now and my battery is dying. I’ll try to get back to the WSOP in a week or two to do some real tournament reporting.

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