Livelikunger Wins Poker Stars Sunday Million


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pokerstarsThe Poker Stars Sunday Million saw a total of 8,268 players throw in their buy-in for a chance at winning a sizable chunk of the $1,653,600 prize pool. When it was all over it would be livelikunger, who started final table play as the short stack, walking away with the victory and $187,528.57.

At the beginning of final table play the chip stacks stood thus:

U_TILT_ME – 19,185,352

chicokim – 17,721,353

dxu05 – 11,409,512

Mexxximum1 – 8,056,026

g0lfa – 6,811,907

Kappe85 – 6,807,080

Sir_winalot9 – 5,570,202

Tophandler – 4,759,696

livelikunger – 3,078,872

Mexxximum1 was the first to fall doing so when he moved all-in with [As][Kh] and found himself facing the [Ah][Qs] of chicokim. The dominating advantage would not last though as the flop fell [Qs][10s][4h] to give chicokim the lead. The turn was the [Ac] and after the [5h] landed on the river Mexximum1 exited in ninth place for a payday of $11,575.20.

Tophandler would exit when he moved all-in with [Ad][9d] and found himself dominated by chicokim’s [Ah][10c]. No help would come for the underdog as the board rolled out [Ks][8s][3h][6s][6d]. Tophandler earned $19,016.40 for his eighth place finish.

Sir_winalot9 would lose his chips when he shoved all-in from the big blind over the top of a min raise. Sir_winalot9 showed pocket twos while his opponent, Kappe85, showed [Ah][5d]. The flop looked good for Sir_winalot9 as it fell [Ks][Qd][7d]. The turn of [7h] paired the board and the [Kd] on the river gave Kappe85 the victory with two pair on the board and ace kicker. Sir_winalot9 exited in seventh place for $28,938.

g0lfa left the table when he moved all-in with [10s][9s] and chicokim made the call with [Ac][Qs]. The flop of [Ah][10c][3d] gave both players a pair, but chicokim was still out in front. That would change when the [9c] fell on the turn to give g0lfa two pair. However g0lfa’s fortunes would again reverse when the [Ad] landed on the river to give chicokim a set. g0lfa’s sixth place finish was good for a reward of $41,340.

Despite having early success, chicokim exited in fifth place when he was all-in with [Ks][Qs] against U_TILT_ME’s [Qc][10c]. chicokim liked the flop of [8c][2s][8d] but would watch in horror as the turn and river delivered [5c][Jc] to give U_TILT_ME a runner-runner flush. chicokim collected $57,876 as he made his exit.

U_TILT_ME was the next to fall as his pocket jacks fell to livelikunger’s [As][3h]. An ace fell on the flop of [Ad][6h][5c] and no help would come on either the [9s] turn or the [7h] river. U_TILT_ME exited in fourth place for a payday of $74,412.

Kappe85 shoved all-in with [10s][5s] and needed to hold onto the slim lead he had over livelikunger’s [9s][6c]. However, the flop fell [Jc][9c][2d] to give livelikunger a pair and his hand would improve to a flush after the [Kc][turn and the [Ac] river. Kappe85 would collect $91,774.80 for his third place finish.

Livelikunger held a 2:1 chip lead upon entering heads-up play but agreed to a deal with dxu05 that paid livelikunger $157,528.57 and dxu05 $147,490.79. The eventual winner would claim the remaining $30,000 in the prize pool.

The tournament would reach its conclusion when dxu05 moved in with [10c][9d] and livelikunger called with [Ac][3h]. Neither player improved their hand as the board rolled out [8d][2s][2c][5c][6d] and livelikunger’s ace kicker won the tournament to earn him a total payday of $187,528.57.

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