London Says Welcome To Poker Royalty


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Have you ever wondered how famous poker players such as Phil Hellmuth, Daniel Negreanu or even Patrik Antonius keep showing up on TV and keep getting these sponsorship deals. Well the major poker player representation firm Poker Royalty is a  huge reason why these pros keep becoming bigger and bigger with the general public.

Poker Royalty’s headquarters are currently located in the city that is mostly associated with poker and that is Las Vegas, NV. The company has seen in the past couple of years the game of poker just exploded overseas. As a result of that, Poker Royalty has decided to expand its territory and open up another office in London as to better assist their overseas clientele.

Poker Royalty has also announced that they have appointed ex-FIFA agent Jim Erwood as the Director of European Operations. When asked why Jim Erwood was appointed to this position, Poker Royalty replied it came down to Jim Erwoods experience in the European market, which he gained while working as an agent for FIFA (Federation International de Football Association)

In a statement from Brian Balsbaugh, CEO and founder of Poker Royalty, Brian had this to say. “In the last few years, we have seen tremendous growth of poker events and projects in Europe, Asia and South America. While we believe Las Vegas will always be the center of the poker world, there is no denying that poker is a global game and the world’s best players now have international opportunities available to them. Having boots on the ground in Europe positions us to be able to capitalize on those opportunities and better serve our clients.”

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