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Even though PokerStars has certainly changed in dynamic in response to its recent Federal indictment, the online poker firm will remain a popular destination for international players. While there are some well-established poker clients that have recently emerged in the hunt for their share of a new U.S. player market, PokerStars’ reputation as one of the premier locales for online features and gameplay will always make it tough to turn down when choosing an online poker homebase.

Although PokerStars does not cater to U.S. players currently, they have always fared well in accomodating the minority of players who prefer to play on Mac computers. Since Apple computers have soared in popularity over the past decade, more and more poker platforms are spending resources on developing Mac compliant software. Fortunately, PokerStars has provided this service for years, and because of their head start they’ve jumped leaps and bounds ahead of the competition due to their allegiance with the Mac poker market. In turn, PokerStars still remains as the top online poker platform in regards to Mac compatibility.

While players were once confined to the options of downloading Apple Boot Camp or running a Mac compatible Windows emulator, the newly designed PokerStars Mac application allows for direct download to your Apple computer. In a few simple steps, players who have been waiting for their chance to participate on one of the world’s best poker sites can now do so hassle-free.

Step 1: Download PokerStars

Step 2: Install the PokerStars Software

  • After downloading, you’ll promptly be welcomed by the PokerStars application installer that will guide you through the necessary steps to get the program up and running. After installation, the PokerStars application will launch.

Step 3: Create Your PokerStars Account

  • After locating the “Account” menu stationed at the top of the PokerStars client, click on “Create Account” within the drop-down menu to get started. Using the registration form that they give you, fill out all of the required information. Valid email addresses are particularly important, as you’ll need this to verify your account after it’s been created. NOTE: By clicking our dedicated PokerStars Download link, you’ll also be eligible for one of the most generous bonuses in the industry. 100% up to $600!

Step 4: Validate Your PokerStars Account

  • Using the email address that you provided during registration, you’ll need to sign in and click on the email that PokerStars has sent you. Within the email will be a Validation Code that you’ll need to enter in the PokerStars client to complete the registration process. At the top of the PokerStars program, you’ll need to click the menu option “Account”, then “Validate Email Address”. From here, just follow the on-screen instructions.

If you need further information or clarification regarding any of the requirements for downloading PokerStars on a Mac, you may also view PokerStars designated Mac Page.

After creating an account, you’ll need to make a deposit. Although PokerStars has limited its options in terms of depositing with the removal of players from the U.S., there are still a ton of them available to help international users. Regardless of your country of origin, you won’t have trouble finding a suitable method for securing your funds online.

As always, those who are also looking to play risk-free poker may take advantage of any of PokerStars’ play money tables. Games run around the clock in several different poker types, so don’t fret if you’re the type unwilling to gamble with real savings!

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