Money Does Grow On Trees


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money-treeEvery so often people talk about how money doesn’t grow on trees, and its usually parents aiming it at their kids. However, if you are two of the highest money makers playing online poker then the money does actually grow on trees. Tom Dwan and Phil Ivey are the top money makers for 2008. One of them has kept his throne as the top money maker for the past two years, and is considered to be the one of the most dangerous poker players in the world.

If the name Tom Dwan doesn’t sound familiar to you, then you may better know this player as “Durrrr.” Durrrr is the top online money maker in 2008 in the world of online poker and he has the rest of the field almost doubled with amount of money earned. This year Durrrr lost two record breaking pots and has lost millions. Its always the great players that seem to find the way back into the black and Durrrr is no exception. For the year 2008 “Durrrr” has made over $5 million playing online poker and hey there is still time left for the year so he could go on an insane hot streak and make more or he could hit some pretty cold decks and lose. Who knows but my money is on Durrrr winning because he is a phenomenal player.

Phil Ivey is also considered one of the most dangerous players to play the game of poker and for the year 2008 Phil has won nearly $3 million. Here is the most outstanding statistic though for Phil Ivey. In the past two years Phil Ivey has won nearly $10 million while playing poker online and that number does include the $3 million from this year so that means that in the year 2007 Phil Ivey made an unbelievable amount of $7 million just while playing online poker and who knows how much Phil Ivey has actually made because these numbers only reflect the online play he has done and his live gaming play is not included because there is no way to track what Phil Ivey does while he plays in a live poker game.

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