Neteller Stops Servicing US Poker Market


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For you US poker players out there who use Neteller, which is a majority of you, you’ve just been handed a homework assignment. Neteller has recently announced that they have completely shutdown their financial services to US citizens who want to transact with online gambling institutions. New US accounts cannot be made either. For those of you who already have a Neteller account, you are not allowed to transfer any funds to or from a recognized online gambling establishment, including Pacific Poker.

So what can you do about this? If you are passionate about playing poker, you will find that Neteller isn’t the only poker deposit option available to you. I’ve been informed that a company known as Click2Pay is keeping their operations open to US poker players. This is a good thing for US poker players because Click2Pay is a trusted, already established internet financial institution and many companies already accept the Click2Pay method of payment.

You can read the details of the announcement made by Neteller at their website


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