Online Poker “Ban” to be Repealed by Barney Frank


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Recently, one of my favorite senators, Barney Frank, announced his plans to repeal a section of the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIEGA). This is a great thing for all online gamblers, including Mac poker players, but don’t get too excited just yet. Senator Frank made sure to let reporters know that he would be focusing only on the section of the bill that relates directly to his committee, which deals with credit cards. In addition, he mentioned that he would not be aiming for a carve out for online poker.

“My committee only has jurisdiction over credit cards. I can’t do more than repeal the ban on the use of credit cards. We don’t have jurisdiction generally over the Internet or other aspects of this,” Frank said.

So, although we may not see a full repeal of the “stupidest bill in American history,” we may see the reversal of the prohibition over use of credit cards to play poker online. Senator Frank also noted that he would not go ahead with a full power proposal unless he saw a strong public outcry for the bill to be repealed.

There has been an official petition started. Everybody’s vote counts on this one, and Barney Frank will be checking the number of people who sign it on a regular basis. Show him that your voice won’t be ignored and sign the petition to repeal credit card restrictions for online gambling.


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