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The Poker Player’s Alliance is a grassroots, non-profit organization dedicated to protecting the game of poker in all of its forms. They provide members with when-it-happens information on important legal and legislative hapenings regarding online gambling, with a specific emphasis focusing on online poker.

People who are interested in joining don’t have to be poker players, but most are. It is also free to join the Poker Player’s Alliance, but contributions are much appreciated and go towards fighting Congress and legislators from restricting or possibly outlawing the game of poker, especially on the internet.

More Details About the PPA

Being one of the largest public movements in the defense of online poker, the Poker Player’s Alliance has made its presence clear at important places such as Washington and Las Vegas. It is backed by people who have a notable understanding about the laws that currently govern the game of poker and the laws that are being proposed to further restrict poker, including a nice man named Michael Bolcerek.

Michael has led the PPA to position itself as the first credible attempt to save the freedom of choice that many people have regarding their internet use, especially poker players. On his website you can find updates on the current legislation, summaries of gambling laws, easy to use tools for fighting back and getting involved, and recent news reports about the legal implications for poker.

Keeping It Simple Stupid

The PPA team has made sure to keep their website interface clean and hassle-free, making it that much easier for members to send off emails to their senators with their comments on the displeasure that they have in the current legislature. Although the website is not intended to be used as a legal resource, it has done a very good job in recruiting poker players and lobbying against the legislature of internet poker. I have gone through the whole site and did notice that it could use some updates, but it is probably only because the PPA team is hard at work protecting our rights behind the scenes.

My Favorites

I did particularily enjoy the section about poker in my state. This section shows state legislature events that have occured which are related to poker in general including case summaries and judgements that have been made. It would be nice if a legal expert commented on the articles though.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that the Poker Player’s Alliance is here to protect poker players from the government. You can expect this non-profit advocacy group to help you gain an edge against those who oppose our favorite game in the world, poker.

If you live in the US, then legislation is affecting you more than anybody else. Why don’t you join the Poker Player’s Alliance and make a small contribution of $20? It’s certainly worth having your right to personal freedom.