PKR is even More Fun with Virtual Food, Extra Drinks and New Chip Tricks


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pkr-bonusOne thing people have come to realize about PKR is that this site is about so much more than just poker. There’s a virtual world here that allows players to control every tiny detail about their avatar right down to eye shape and wardrobe. The realism doesn’t stop here because this poker room enables users to send and receive virtual drinks, stay in cyber hotel rooms during tournaments, and do cool chip tricks. In short, the experience is akin to a life-simulation game like “The Sims”.

What’s neat is that PKR is intent on expanding their poker universe by giving players more options than ever before. Now there’s a virtual food menu, new chip tricks, an expanded list of virtual drinks, and tableside “luck” trinkets and charms. So anybody who thought this site was detailed before will really appreciate the extra options that have been added.

Players who would like to experience all of these unique features and selections should sign up at PKR through MacPokerOnline with the “BOCORP” bonus code. By doing this, you’ll have the opportunity to earn a 100% up to $800 signup bonus. Now that we’ve explained what extras you can look forward to at this poker site, here’s a closer look at some of the current promotions.

Themed Days

In order to spice up their poker action, PKR holds various Themed Days where unique promotions and tournaments are offered. The current two Themed Days include “Bounty Wednesdays” and “Deep Stack Fridays.” As for the Bounty Wednesdays, these give you an opportunity to take on Team PKR pros in different tournaments. Assuming you can bust one of the PKR pros out, you’ll receive a bounty that’s worth twice the original tourney buy-in.

Deep Stack Fridays feature a lineup of 17 deepstacked poker tournaments where buy-ins vary from $0.60 to $30. Besides the wide range of buy-ins, there are also plenty of different events as you can see from the following example:

16:45 GMT – Welllbet’s Home Game DS, $30 buy-in

19:00 GMT – Mini PKR Open DS, $3.50 buy-in

19:00 GMT – PKR Open DS, $20 buy-in

19:30 GMT – Omaha-Low-Down DS (1R or 1A, 6-seater), $3.50 buy-in

20:15 GMT – Mini Omaha Open DS (1R or 1A, 8-seater), $0.60 buy-in

20:45 GMT – Omaha Open DS (1R or 1A, 6-seater), $12 buy-in

21:30 GMT – The Dollar Dash (Super Stack), $1 buy-in

23:00 GMT – Late Night DS (6-seater), $30 buy-in

This doesn’t even cover half of the tournaments offered on Deep Stack Fridays, so keep in mind that there are plenty of other interesting events available. All you need to do is check the PKR software every Friday to see what’s on the agenda.

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It’s every poker player’s dream to appear on TV while grinding in major land-based tournaments. Unfortunately, not all of us have the bankroll to front $5k and $10k live tourney buy-ins for a shot at television glory. But just about anybody can get some camera time if they play in select PKR tournaments.

That’s because this site runs its own TV station through YouTube where major events are broadcast every month. Host Dan Grant, presenter Rachael Downie, and Team PKR pros Vladimir “Beyne” Geshkenbein and Scott “PKR_Scott” Shelley all join forces to deliver an entertaining tournament show.

As for what events will be shown on PKR TV, this all depends on the specific month. But examples of some November tourneys that have been shown include the Oktoberfest High 8 PKR Masters, Oktoberfest Main 17 Championship and $20k Mini Masters.

WPT National Dublin Packages and Party

One more PKR deal we’d like to mention is the $3,000 WPT National Dublin packages that are being given out. What’s nice is that you can qualify for a $3k package for just $1.50 or 850 PKR Points. Anybody who does win a prize package will have their €1,320 WPT National Dublin seat, four-night hotel stay, and travel expenses taken care of.

In addition to all of this, you’ll also be invited to a party where you get to drink and hang out with Team PKR members. This partying factor is one aspect that truly sets a PKR prize package apart from what other sites are offering.

Assuming any of the previously discussed deals or new features sound enticing, you should check out this poker room and think about signing up.

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