PKR Poker gets even more immersive with their new “Virtual Drink” Feature


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PKR PokerHave you heard that playing at PKR Poker is now even more realistic? Poker is the leader in online 3D poker and have held that title for many years now. When they first burst onto the scene they were criticized as being too innovative and ahead of their time – nonetheless, they were an instant hit. Many years later they are still innovating the 3D and online poker world which can only benefit everybody involved, especially us players. Recently there has been some even more exciting news out of the PKR camp in a neat piece of news.

You will now be able to order a virtual drink at your table, adding to the tons of features that you could already do at PKR (taunt your opponents, look at your cards, change your body posture, etc.). You can order a virtual drink using your player points, and they are so realistic that when you click the button to take a swig, you here the ice cubes rattling around inside of the cup.

The virtual drink ordering is just part of a new upgrade PKR has done to their software. Everything is more tightly done, better HD graphics and an even smoother gameplay. That is saying alot since they were already the #1 3D poker site out there for years. Some of the other updates will interest people more than the drinks, that’s for sure. First of all you can now choose a new playing environment – aboard a luxury yacht in the sea. It is something to behold and this goes far, far beyond any “skin” you see at other poker sites. This is a full fledged 3D environment that is a definite must see.

Check out the yacht skin at PKR Poker, click here!

Another cool thing that is now going to be part of the new PKR software is the fact that you can now record your hands, upload them to Youtube or watch them, all without even leaving the table. It’s another way that PKR is tapping into the world of social networks in order to stay trendy and cool. Players can then watch themselves and learn what they did well and what they can improve on in order to win more money at the table. It is something that other major sites already had, but this poker room decided to take it up a notch with one click uploading to youtube to show off big hands or bad beats to your fellow poker friends online.

If you have never heard of PKR, now is a really great time to sign up. There is a great following for this site and the 3D poker is both realistic and extremely fun. There is also a very nice welcome bonus waiting for you right now if you join up through our links. The current welcome bonus that you can get specially for today is a “pick your own bonus” unique option, not seen commonly in the industry. You will get your bonus money of $5 to $500, depending on how much you deposit on the site.

PKR poker room always has some pretty cool promos going on to keep you interested after you have signed up, as well. There is the infamous Club PKR which will give you bonus player points as you play. The more higher stakes you play and the more tables you do at a time, the more points you will accumulate. Then you can go and redeem these points for tickets, chips, merchandise and more. You can also earn free chips into your account simply by referring your friend and them making their first real money deposit. You can get paid per each friend that you bring in, but you first have to have already signed up and played yourself.

In addition to those updates, there is some definite good news for the grinders out there. You can now multi table up to a maximum of 9 different tables at PKR, much more than you could ever do in the past. This will attract people who love the insane action of multi-tabling that many but were forced to play on other sites until now. It’s all due to a more smoother and robust upgrade to the gaming engine.

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