Play Poker on a Cell Phone


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Have you ever been sitting in a car on a boring trip? Or perhaps you have been waiting for a bus, sitting at lunch, or have some other downtime. Now you can play mobile poker for cell phone during these times. If you have a cell phone you can make money just as easily by playing mobile poker during your downtime as you could be making playing mobile poker on the internet at home on your favorite poker site.

There is only a few online poker rooms that have mobile poker for cell phone and those are here at our mobile poker page. You can compete against real live opponents or you can battle against computerized opponents when you play mobile poker for cell phone. All of your winnings go directly to your PokerRoom account where you can access them again from your mobile cell phone or from your computer at home.

Available Games

Currently, you can play limit Texas Holdem on your cell phone and the games are just the same structure when you play mobile poker for cell phone as they are when you play poker for Mac, Linux, or Windows.

Costs of Playing Mobile Poker

PokerRoom does not charge you anything more than they would if you were playing online poker on your computer (rake). However, your wireless provide might charge you for the data that you transfer, which is roughly 350-900 kb per hour of mobile poker play. Your operator may also charge you for the poker download. Contact your mobile / cell phone provider for more information.

When you play mobile poker games on your cell phone and you get disconnected, you are granted an extra 30 seconds of time to reconnect in addition to your regular allotment of time. If your time runs out, your hand will be check / folded. If you are not reconnected before a hand commences, you will be dealt in and your blind will be posted. You will check / fold your hands until you are reconnected to the cell phone poker game.

You can keep others from playing mobile poker on your cell phone with the personal pin code you are provided. When you start the cell phone poker game you are asked for your secure pin number. This prevents people who may steal your cell phone or borrow your cell phone from playing on your poker account.

In addition to mobile poker, also offers online casino games such as Mobile Fruit Slots, a slot game for your mobile cell phone.

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