Play Poker with the Babes!


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Play Poker with the Babes!

Poker BabesWhen you think parties, culture, coolness, and girls… at least from before in terms of poker and gaming, you think Bodog! – Unfortunately, for a few years, Bodog had cut down on it all… but thankfully, things are all back on track; parties, billionaire experiences, and back in our lives… girls… babes.

Bodog has again BodogGirls as part of their entertainment to the players and bettors – but they no longer have it only for show, as they are now increasing their poker team consisting all of girls… attractive and talented poker babes (see the “Bodog Team” tab at Bodog).

For a while now, Evelyn Ng has been a Bodog poker professional, part of the team, and getting a lot of attention in the media here and there, even though she has not won anything in a while, she still gets the camera’s attention; looks do not come alone –

About almost a year ago, they decided to go with another poker babe; a more obscure player, but nevertheless, one that adds to their culture and strategy of sexiness all over the place. This player was also an avid online player of theirs, Amanda Musumeci – we still have not heard much from her, but the fact stands that she is another babe in the Bodog pro roster.

Tatjana Pasalic - Poker BabeLastly, just a few days ago, Bodog decided to add their ultimate babe to their poker pro team, Tatjana Pasalic – a Croatian Poker Presenter, reporter, and poker player. Now she is what we would call a real poker babe for sure! Only 26 years old, Tatjana has been in the poker world since her 20’s, and is now going to be in available in your poker life if you want by simply joining to Bodog, playing poker with the poker babes, and who knows, you might get invited to some of Bodog’s exclusive parties where you will have a chance to actually be with the poker babes in person… where you will be able to play with the babes… poker of course.

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