Playing Pocket Aces Deep Stacked


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Pocket AcesEveryone wants to get into the deep game and win big.  Everyone also has their own way of playing pocket aces in this game.  Watching professionals play pocket aces in large cash games is a work of art.  They play the hand perfectly to their table image of that session which is the most important element to winning consistently on big games.

Many players think that it is still poker even tho players have 200BB behind them.  I assure you, the complexion of the game is completely different than a 40BB game.  Playing pocket aces in the big game is one of the most difficult hands to play surprisingly.  The reason why it is so difficult to play this hand is that players have a great degree of call equity, meaning that if they hit their hand they will be paid of huge.

The classic example of aces in a big stack game are suited connectors and small pairs.  In tournaments, you won’t find players playing these hands too often in middle or late position without the funds required, but this is a cash game, and they have 200 or more big blinds.  Players cannot resist the urge to fold these hands.  When amateurs are playing deep in this situation, they cannot help but to bet large, bet fast, and try to get it in.  The problem with this play is you are not taking into account of what the other player has, and you are just hoping top pair is always best.  On the flip side, if you do flop an ace, you slow down, and it is painfully obvious you have a large hand.  This is why it is so important not to alter your play just because you have aces.

The only pure way to play pocket aces deep stacked is to play the player, of course it helps that you always have top pair.  Winning with aces can be tricky, but playing cautious like you do every other hand will assure you victories in the long and short run.

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