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Poker ForumPokah is an online poker community supported by PokerRoom. If you have an interest in online gaming, then Pokah is a great place to meet others with the same interests. You can meet new people, read and write about online poker strategy in the forums, and share poker and casino stores with each other. Pokah is free to sign up for and it is a fun place to write to others because you feel as if you are part of a big community that you belong to.

Pokah allows you to have your own free online poker web page that others can look at while you are playing against them in an online poker game. A little icon that resembles a person is located on them at the poker table and all that you have to do to view their Pokah page is click that little icon. You can use this page to write information about yourself, your friends, what games you like to play, whether you play for fun or for real, your hobbies, your sports, and it also allows you to have a guest book in which your friends and other Pokah members can sign.

In addition to the free poker webpage that you get when you sign up for Pokah, you can also read and write about poker and online gaming in the Pokah forum with other community members. Anything and everything poker related is talked about in the forum and there are over 575,000 Pokah users in the online poker community. This includes Linux, and Windows, and Mac poker players.

Talk about poker strategy, make private games, discuss current issues, and just plain have fun. Members can read and write articles for distribution on the Pokah webpage. Guests and players may write articles concerning anything from “Developing Intuition” to picking “A Good Seat.” The writers don’t get paid for their work but the articles sure help out many people and their poker game, both online and live. There is also a private messaging service for users who would like to communicate via Pokah about gaming related topics.

Pokah is also concerned with the quality of their content. They do not publish junk content on their webpage and there is no spamming going on here. They ask their users to rate the poker strategy articles that come through and add the top 5 of everything to their top lists page. These topics range from best rated threads, most active threads, most active posters and much more.


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