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When space is available, sells portions of the website for the purpose of third party advertisement.

Why Advertise With Us? is the authority in the Mac online poker industry and is able to offer a unique opportunity for your online poker website to reach a critical audience, online poker players.

We currently manifest many PR5 and PR6 pages and are valued by Google as an authority online poker site. We also have a high trust rank within Google and compete directly with authority sites such as,,,, and many others.

But PageRank isn’t the only reason to advertise here, we also receive a large amount of traffic. We get between 500 and 650 unique visitors per day. We have also been optimizing our deals page (where classified ads appear) for competitive search terms in Google.

Our Audience Demographics

Our audience consists of a wide variety of poker players, all of which are seeking advice to play poker online, and they aren’t necessarily using Mac OS.

93% of our readers are male.

More than 45% of our visitors are between the age of 30 and 45. 25% are between the age of 20 and 30.

They mostly come from Google (85%) and Yahoo (10%) and are attracted by one of our many content filled pages.

92% of our visitors are English speaking, with the rest consisting of a mix of German, French, Dutch, Swedish, and Spanish.

Most readers stay between 180 and 600 seconds (3 minutes and 10 minutes).

57% use Internet Explorer, 23% use FireFox, 17% user Safari, and the rest are a mix of NetScape, Mozilla, and Operah.

75% are using Windows, while 24% are using Macintosh. The last percent are using Linux.

97% have Java enabled on their computer.

90% have a high speed internet connection, with 6% of people surfing our site from their corporate office.

Our Marketing Strategy

We try to keep as banner free as possible. We have chosen to take a customer oriented marketing strategy approach and keep our site as free of banners and invaluable information as possible.

We have moved away from traditional flashing ads to more user friendly “mouse-over” or “hover” ads in order to keep from distracting our readers’ eyes from important content.

Our Rankings and Statistics

We do boast excellent Google positions for highly competitive keywords. This is, without a doubt, due to our high level of trust and the incredible value of our content.

Advertising Packages

We have several advertising packages, each slightly different from the others.

Classified Ads

Only one click from the homepage and part of our regular navigation, the classified ads (online poker deals) page is where most ads are placed.

Each ad receives up to 255 characters of text and the link(s) may be placed anywhere within the text.

We will not link to low quality sites. Advertisers are not allowed to purchase more than one of the exact same ad to increase exposure and set the ad in the minds of our users. You must change it’s appearance in order to have more than a single ad.

We have three different plans for the classifieds page including featured, primary, and cheap.

Featured Classified Ad – $175 per month

The top slots on the classified ads page are reserved for featured ads. You may have an image up to 125×125, three text links, and up to 255 characters of text.

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Primary Classified Ad – $100 per month

The slots below the featured ads are reserved for primary ads. Advertisers choosing this option will receive an image up to 120×60, two text links, and up to 255 characters of text.

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Cheap Classified SEO Ad – $50 per month

Get them while they last, the slots underneath the primary ads are reserved for the Cheap classified ads. You receive up to 255 characters of text and one text link. The link may be placed anywhere in the text ad that you provide. You can also have an image, but it may not hold a link.

These ads come on a first come first served basis and your position moves up based on seniority. If an advertiser above you cancels their ad, you move up a slot.

These ads are best suited for those trying to get cheap high quality backlinks for the purpose of SEO and are less concerned with the actual referral traffic. We will not link to low quality sites.

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