Real Money

Top 5 Reasons to Play for Real Money


Most online poker players just play online poker for fake or play chips, but they don’t realize that they aren’t even playing real poker. Here is my top 5 list of why you should start playing online poker for real … Continued

Stop Sign

Knowing When to Stop Playing Poker


“I tell you what, you give me half your money, we’ll go out back, I’ll kick you in the ass, and we’ll call it a day.” The words of the blackjack dealer in National Lampoon’s Vegas Vacation have never seemed … Continued


Top 5 Things Not to Say at a Poker Table


Sometimes when you are sitting at a poker table you say things. The reasons to say things are numerous. You could be saying them to speed up the game, throw your opponents off, or say things just because you are … Continued

Everyday I'm Hustling

Thoughts on Hustling Your Friends Using Cards


“Sorry Joe, I’ve only got thirteen bucks. I’ll have to get the other two to you some other time.” Those were the words of defeat from my first experience with hustling. What had happened was horrible; I should have noticed … Continued