Top 5 Reasons to Play for Real Money


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Real MoneyMost online poker players just play online poker for fake or play chips, but they don’t realize that they aren’t even playing real poker. Here is my top 5 list of why you should start playing online poker for real money.

5. Play money games don’t house worthy opponents. Most players are loose and aggressive, playing any two cards to the flop and pushing most top 30 hands all in preflop.

4. Real money players are awarded special cash poker bonuses on their first deposits. Real money players can actually manipulate this system by signing up and depositing at each online poker room, clearing the bonus, then moving on to the next poker room.

3. Real money players receive bonus points for participating in raked hands. Almost all poker rooms offer these bonuses, including the PartyPoker bonus. These points can be used as entry into many exclusive real money player only tournaments. The points may also be used to purchase exclusive poker supplies.

2. You actually learn how to play poker better when playing against other real money players. Because there is actually something at stake, the games have the value of a real experience in and of themselves.

1. You can’t win BIG unless you play poker for real money!

You can begin to play for real money now by depositing at one of our online poker rooms. We also have guides to getting the best bonus codes.

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