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Switch Poker Bonus: iPad or iPod Touch – FREE + €5 w/ code
Switch Poker Bonus Code: MOBILEP
For the €5 bonus, you must deposit at least €0.50 and use the bonus code after – otherwise you will not get it

Switch Poker is an exciting new online poker room that is especially made for mobile devices (you can also play on a browser version). What’s promising is that people are loving the gameplay and smoothness of the poker room, especially on the Ipad and Iphones. It’s truly an innovative concept and if you join now you can be a part of mobile poker history.

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Switch Poker Bonus

Switch Poker’s bonus is tempting for anybody looking for a new and innovative way to play online poker. A first of it’s kind, is an online poker platform for the Iphone, Ipad and Ipod. Being such a new and cool site, the response and growth rate has been phenomenal. You should join and just see how flawlessly the software runs on your Iphone, etc., as they are truly ahead of their time and have produced a seriously impressive mobile gaming platform.

Play at Switch Poker Now!

Switch Poker Bonus – Get A Free Ipad or Ipod

In their true groundbreaking fashion, Switch Poker is taking quite a different route than most other online poker rooms with their bonus. Switch Poker is offering a free Ipad for every deposit of 150 Euro and a free Ipod Touch for all deposits of 50 Euro. As with most sites, you’ll need to play a certain amount of poker at Switch before you are sent your free gift. All in all, it’s an extremely attractive and generous offer for all new players, which likely won’t last for very long. It would be smart to join and play now, and take them up on this offer while it’s still around.

So how does the Switch Poker promo codes stack up to others in the industry? When you consider the minimum deposit amounts, as well as the actual value of the free Apple devices being given out, there looks to be more value in playing at It’s indeed a good time to seize the opportunity for an Ipad, as many people simply haven’t picked one up due to the hefty price.

Unfortunately, Switch Poker is not a USA friendly room, but it does accept all other International users. Some people worry about using the poker client on an old 3g Iphone, but since all data is compressed over 90%, and images are only downloaded once per playing session, the resources used are minimal. Switch Poker is truly the first online poker room optimized specifically for mobile devices. In addition to the iPhone 3G, the iPhone 4 and the iPad, you can play on Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera and IE. Therefore you are certainly not excluded from playing others who are on their mobile device, even if you are not.

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Switch Poker Bonus Code

From time to time when a new promotion is run, Switch Poker promo codes and bonus codes will be popping up, like the current giveaway promotion for every new player. This new and exciting promotion from Switch Poker is activated by using the special In order to claim your free Switch Poker bonus, all you need to do is make your first deposit and enter FREEIPAD or FREEIPOD as the bonus code used.

To get the free Ipad or Ipod Touch at Switch Poker, all you need to do is play through 100 or 60 points respectively. The loyalty program has SPP’s which is short form for Switch Poker Points. The best part is that they accumulate really quickly in your account, and it doesn’t take much grinding to get your free Apple product. To get the rare €5 bonus IN ADDITION to the iPad or iPod Touch, you will need to deposit the extremely minimal amount of €0.50 PLUS use the bonus code: MOBILEP – otherwise, you will not get it.

From time to time there will be new bonus codes for Switch Poker available, and we will make sure this page is always updated to the most current and valuable options. Switch Poker’s bonus is sure to be appealing to anyone who loves online poker and has one of the devices compatible with their software. Check out this new and innovative concept by Switch and you’ll be happy you did. Join now to claim your exclusive bonus free Ipod Touch or Ipad.

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