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super systemTitle: “Super System – A Course In Power Poker”
Author: Doyle Brunson
Facts: “Super System” contains 600 pages. You can buy it on Amazon. In two editions and formats. The paperback version is currently $24.16 and the first edition appeared in 1979. It is currently the number 1 best seller in Amazon’s Poker section.

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About the author

super system doyle brunson

Doyle Brunson, commonly referred to as “Texas Dolly” or “The Grandfather of Poker”, is a name that everyone knows in the poker world. He is one of the few professional poker players with a career of over fifty years. Brunson won the WSOP Main Event 2 times, was inducted in the Poker Hall of Fame and wrote various different books about poker. None was as controversial or as well sold as “Super System”. Read more about Doyle Brunson here.


Controversy surrounded the book as soon as it appeared. It was seen as a really ambitious poker book that was well received by amateurs and criticized by professionals as they believed too much information was released and amateurs started to catch on to what pros were doing. Poker experts see Super System as the book that started the evolution of modern poker, being responsible for the popularization of poker.

One of the reasons why “Super System” is such a good poker book is that it includes leading professional poker players handling various sections. Many credit Brunson with the whole content. The truth is that many sections see leading players in their games, like Mike Caro in the Draw Poker section, offering their advice.

Comprehensive Game Coverage

“Super System” covers all popular poker games from no limit Hold’Em to five card draw and stud. However, not all games are covered as well as Hold’em. Some of the professionals’ tricks are not revealed. You do get really good advice for all the games but it is recommended to stick to the No Limit Hold’em section so that you can truly improve your game.


“Super System” starts with a short version of Doyle’s poker career and then moves on to general winning poker strategies. We have a good introduction that walks you through emotional control, patient play and much more. Then, we move on towards the bulk of the information.

It was genius for Doyle Brunson to bring in true game experts to offer advice and teach people how to be successful. We thus have chapters by:


It is obviously really hard to have a book that is still 100% accurate after 25 years. Super System has its flaws. Many of the games covered went through changes in the past few years. We have games that are not even played anymore with the spreads covered in the book. The strategies and information offered are a little outdated but they can still help out a lot, especially with live poker.

Strong Points

The best part of Super System is the No Limit Hold’em section. There is no question about that. The stats that are presented are also really good, covered to perfection by Mike Caro.

We should also mention that Doyle’s approach on poker is one that was way ahead of its time, highly aggressive and based on a proper understanding of the game. It is quite similar to how the game is played right now, being totally different than the tight approach of regulars years ago.

It is impossible not to learn something from this game. Even the Razz section, the one that offers the less number of pro secrets, offers a really good strategy foundation for the person that wants to try the game.


We have to say that “Super System” is a classic in the world of poker. There is no other book out there that enjoyed as much publicity and that has such positive reviews as Brunson’s. For many it should be the first book written, mainly because it brings in so much high quality information that is still relevant these days.

  • Readability: 8 out of 10
  • Examples: 7.5 out of 10
  • Advice Quality: 9 out of 10
  • Advice Accuracy For Current Play: 7 out of 10
  • Information Offered: 8 out of 10
  • Overall: 7.9 out of 10

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