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Title: “Theory Of Poker”

Author: David Sklansky

Facts: “Theory Of Poker” has 300 pages and was published by Two Plus Two. It can be bought from Amazon in 9 formats and editions, with the paperback version costing $17.37.

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About The Author

david sklansky

When you want to talk about poker statistics or poker theory, David Sklansky is the person that you want to do that with. He wrote numerous books about poker and is seen as an authority in the math of the game, being renowned of the way in which he manages to explain really complex strategies and odds. Besides writing and playing poker, he also holds poker seminars that are sold out really fast. You can learn more about him here.


David Sklansky’s “Theory Of Poker” discuses concepts and theories that can be applied to almost all poker variations from no limit hold’em to RAZZ or Draw Poker. The reader is introduced to what is labeled as being the “Fundamental Theorem Of Poker”. Lessons take you through this theorem’s implications and the way in which it should affect your play.

The book also has chapters that discuss raising, deception, bluffing, slow-play, psychology, game theory, free cards, implied odds, heads-up play, semi-bluffing and a lot more. According to some of the most well-known poker players in the world, “Theory Of Poker” can make a real difference in the way anyone plays. Many of the ideas highlighted in the book will separate the regular poker player from the expert. If you study the book, you can gain a huge advantage over those that do not. Serious poker players need to learn lessons like those offered and we may be talking about one of the best books that were ever written about professional poker.

“Theory Of Poker” talks about some concepts for the first time in print. Various critical poker concepts are highlighted and explained. This includes reverse implied odds and implied odds, which are usually forgotten by many books.

Theory Of Poker Pros

The reader gets to actually learn how to calculate poker odds. This is covered really well and you will be able to gain a huge edge over many poker players that have no idea what odds are. The book manages to open your eyes and mind to poker math, theory and odds. Something like this is particularly important when referring to online poker since more hands are played in a shorter period of time and probability is highly important.

Theory Of Poker Cons

If you are not patient or you do not have an affinity to math, you may be faced with problems since reading the book will feel boring. It is highly similar to the math text book that we have in high school. You do not get to see images and this can be a huge turn-off. The beginner poker player will most likely have huge problems in understanding some of the concepts that are explained.


“Theory Of Poker” is seen by many as a top 5 poker book. Any serious player should give it a try. It is very important that you give it a try because of the fact it can bring in a huge advantage: the mathematical part of poker. It is completely true that you may see the book as being boring but the sheer knowledge offered makes it worth to go through every single page.

The book is not recommended for a beginner. This is a reality. If you do not already know much about poker, there is a pretty good chance you will not understand the most important lessons that are offered. As soon as you find yourself as being a winning player and you are confident that you can go to the next level, you can pick up the book to gain a leverage.

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