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world poker tour in the money

Title: “World Poker Tour – In The Money”

Author: Antonio Esfandiari

Facts: “World Poker Tour – In The Money” has 208 pages and is available in 3 formats and editions on The paperback version currently costs $12.86.

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About The Author:

antonio esfandiari

Antonio “The Magician” Esfandiari is known by practically any poker professional out there and by people that are trying to climb the ladders and grind the online poker tables. He is a crowd favorite and his road to stardom started with the 2004 World Poker Tour L.A. Poker Classic Main Event win, where he cashed for close to $1.4 million. When he was 25, he gained the distinction of being one of the youngest players to ever win a million dollar prize and win a WPT televised event.

Antonio went on to further improve and eventually won the largest prize in tournament poker with his win in the 2012 WSOP One Drop Event 55 for $18 million. Esfandiari has won over $25 million in Casino poker so far and has 3 WSOP bracelets. More about Antonio Esfandiari here.


“In The Money” is one of the instalments in the World Poker Tour book series, which also features books written by Erik Lindgren and Mike Sexton. It does automatically stand out because of the fact that it is a book that talks about cash game play.

This book is valuable for players of different skill levels but the truth is that there are no really innovative or new ideas that are presented. It starts highlighting the life story of Antonio Esfandiari, which is definitely something that you want to read. You do not have the full story since a lot happened since this book was read and the depth is not as high as with Greenstein’s “Ace On The River” but it is highly entertaining.

Antonio is not a player that focuses on numbers and statistics so if you want to learn more about the math of poker, this book will disappoint you. Most of the book will highlight what Esfandiari will do in various situations.

There is not much that can be said about “In The Money” but it is a great, easy read. It will not give you as much information as other books by Sklansky or Harrington and we can say that the book is at a medium information level. We do have access to better books for beginners and advanced players. However, if you are a fan of Esfandiari or you are looking for a quick, enjoyable read, you should consider the book.

We will not give you a rating for this book since it is not one that will help you much on the long run. It offers you some extra information about poker, information that can improve your play, but not as much as others. Consider this as a recreational poker book.

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