Poker Copilot is Here, What Are Your Other Two Wishes?


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Poker Copilot – A not-so-new poker software built specifically for Mac users.

Tired of waiting for Holdem Manager to become Mac compatible? Sick of the errors with Poker Tracker for Mac? Don’t fear, Poker Copilot is here! What is is you may ask? Well, its the same concept as Holdem Manager and Poker Tracker, except it was built specifically for Macintosh OS, and only Mac users can enjoy its luxury.

As powerful as this Mac compatible poker software may be, I can candidly say that it’s quite easy to use! Data is neatly organized into useful charts and diagrams for it’s users to analyze real-time statistics about their online poker opponents. Players may also make good use of the heads-up display that the software features. We strongly suggest that you check it out!

Poker Copilot currently supports:

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