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Five Card Stud is one of the oldest poker games, but is a very rare game to see today. It is very similar to Seven Card Stud but not Five Card Draw, as some people would expect.

Players receive both face down and face up cards in five card stud and are not allowed to exchange any of them. The first card is face down and the final four are face up, exposed to the entire table. There are some variations that keep more cards hidden, which induces more action at the table due to there being more unknown information. Winning hands are typically very poor, due to the fact that cards cannot be replaced. High cards will frequently win the pots.

Basic Five Card Stud Hand

  1. Each player is dealt two cards, the first face down and the second face up. A round of betting occurs, beginning with the player who holds the highest exposed card, then betting proceeds to the left.
  2. Each player receives their third card face up from the dealer. Betting begins again with the highest card and proceeds to the left. This is Third Street.
  3. Each player receives their fourth card, which is also dealt face up. Betting begins again with the highest card and proceeds to the left. This is Fourth Street.
  4. Fifth Street. The last card is dealt face up to each player. One last betting round occurs. The winner takes the pot.

Variations of Five Card Stud

There are several variations of five card stud. In one variation, the final card is dealt face down, while in another, the second card is dealt face down. This helps build some action as bluffs become more likely and it is harder to deal strictly with the odds while deciding whether to call, raise, or fold.

Where to Play Five Card Stud Online

Five Card Stud is a rare game, and the only place I know of to play it online is Paradise Poker.