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A new poker variation known as HORSE Poker is attractive to highly skilled poker players, as skill is much more important than it is in any other poker variation. Players who are tired of facing amateurs who throw caution to the wind and rely on luck are flocking to this new game.

The World Series of Poker has added HORSE tournaments, including a tournament with a heft $50,000 buy-in. This tournament will provide some of the best poker action seen in a long time, with poker pros liable to regain the glory they have lost in recent years to amateurs like Chris Moneymaker and Greg Raymer.

The HORSE Acronym

HORSE is actually a combination of many different poker games, with the word HORSE being the acronym standing for these games. In HORSE poker players will have to play hands of these games: Texas Holdem, Omaha, Razz, Seven card stud, Seven Card Stud Eight or Better (also known as Seven Card Stud High / Low).

To be successful at HORSE, players will have to play any and all of these games with a large degree of skill. Players who are weak in any of these games will fall by the side of the road and be quickly overshot by skilled players. This is one of the reasons why excellent poker players enjoy playing HORSE so much. They can evade the amateurs and their unfortunate tendency to rely solely on luck.

The Poker Game Known as HORSE

In HORSE, the poker variations will rotate in order throughout the game. Play begins with Holdem and will proceed to Omaha, then Razz, and so forth. The game will shift over to the next variation after a set amount of time. This can be after the blinds go up, after a rotation of the dealer button around the table, or after a certain time interval.

Basic HORSE Strategy

One strategy for playing Horse is to take the utmost advantage you can gain from games you are good at, while avoiding taking crippling blows in games you are weaker in. So, if you are good at Omaha, but not so good at Seven Card Stud, win as much as you can in Omaha so that the round of Seven Card Stud will not be as damaging as it could be. Undoubtedly though, the absolute best strategy for HORSE is to be good at all the games. This will require a lot of practice, and an inordinate amount of time and energy.

Play HORSE Poker Online For Free or For Real

The place to play HORSE Poker is, above all, Pokerstars. Pokerstars hosts a large number of HORSE tournaments, with a large range of stakes.

With the World Series of Poker and the $50,000 HORSE event, it is quite possible you could see some famous poker players at the table. Just imagine, finding yourself at the final table of one of Full Tilt Poker’s HORSE tournaments and playing heads up one of these pros.

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