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Alan Betson PokerHailing from the Emerald Isle, Alan Betson is a famous poker player who would probably have been a comedian with his amazing repertoire of one-liners. CardPlayer Magazine Europe’s Padraig Parkinson has stated that five of the ten funniest things he has heard at the poker table have come from the mouth of Alan Betson. Also, once during a cab ride in Las Vegas with Parkinson, Alan Betson engaged in an impromptu comedian war with the cabbie, ending in a draw.

Alan Betson’s Tournament Winnings

Alan Betson’s witty jokes at the poker tables are exceeded only by his skill. In 2001 he became the European Texas Hold’em Champion by winning the Euro Finals of Poker in Paris, earning a $186,816 payday. He finished second place in the 2005 Irish Open No Limit Hold’em event held in Dublin to pocket €71,500. He followed this up with another second place finish later in the year in the MasterClassics of Poker & Lido International No Limit Hold’em tournament, winning just a little bit more (€71,680).

Alan Betson has earned nearly half a million dollars in poker play, which makes him the 8th most successful Irish poker player in history. He spends most of his time playing poker in Europe, but he does travel to Las Vegas every once in awhile to play in the games there. He placed 7th in the 2002 World Series of Poker Main Event and took home $24,820.

Alan Betson’s comic skills are at their best when the going is tough. He is always able to have fun, and that is what is most important at the poker table. It would be accurate to say that most poker players would want to play against this pro from Emerald Isle just to hear his one-liners, if it wasn’t for the fact that Alan Betson is so skilled.

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Alan Betson
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Professional Poker Player

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Alan Betson
March 4, 1977
Dublin, Ireland