Berry Johnston


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Berry Johnston Poker
Berry Jonhston with a large stack of poker chips playing in the WSOP.

Berry Johnston is a professional poker player who bears the moniker “Numbers.”  At more than 70 years old, Berry has accomplished many great deeds at the poker table, a factor that saw him get inducted into the Poker Hall of Fame in 2003, a greatly deserved honor.

Berry Johnston has finished in the money at the World Series of Poker 66 different times.  This number includes 5 bracelets, including a bracelet for winning the 1986 World Series of Poker Main Event, earning himself a spot on the Wall of Fame.  Berry Johnston has been playing poker since 1970, so he has been very good for a very long time, and has earned more than $2 million in poker tournament winnings.

Berry Johnston is known for his composure at the poker table, never once showing disgust after suffering a bad beat.  Berry Johnston lives in Bethany, Oklahoma.

Photo ofBerry Johnston
Berry Johnston
Job Title
Professional Poker Player

About Berry Johnston

Full Name
Berry Johnston
September 25, 1935
Bethany, Oklahoma