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Curt Kohlberg PokerCurt Kohlberg is a self-proclaimed amateur poker player. Despite his amateur status, he is extremely successful at winning poker tournaments.  Curt does not play poker online and he does not play cash games, which helps him keep a low profile.  He plays only in live tournaments, and he considers it to be a way to relax.  However, he is serious about his poker playing, writing down his key hands and having a poker coach look over them.

Curt Kohlberg first made a name for himself in July 2005 when he placed fifth in the €10,000 Grand Prix de Paris World Poker Tour Event, $112,425.  Kohlberg is an aggressive player, but it is calculated aggressiveness, as he has used his own mathematical and analytical skills to come up with his “Game Theory.”  He says that there are 17 or 18 situations that he will play if everything lines up, but otherwise he will sit back, play tight, and wait for his opponents to make a mistake.

Curt Kohlberg started playing poker while he was at the University of Massachusetts Amherst.  After graduating, he went on to graduate school at MIT, where he had to give up poker temporarily.  After graduating from MIT, he went on to work at Wall Street and several large banks.

Curt Kohlberg  is not a professional poker player, but one thing he enjoys is the thrill of earning a top poker player’s respect.  However, many of his friends don’t think Curt Kohlberg  is any good because they haven’t seen him on TV.  Curt has won many poker tournaments, but none of them have been televised, which is something he hopes to change.

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