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Evelyn Ng PokerEvelyn Ng was born in Toronto, Canada on September 14, 1975. When she was 14, Evelyn Ng started playing pool for money, and that was her introduction to the gambling world. Evelyn Ng can typically be found playing high stakes poker in Las Vegas.

By the time she was 17, Evelyn Ng had started dealing and playing poker in back rooms all across Toronto.  Evelyn Ng met Daniel Negreanu while she was doing this, and he became her poker mentor and her boyfriend.  Evelyn Ng’s game improved thanks to Daniel, and he took her to Las Vegas for her 21st birthday.

It was in Las Vegas when Evelyn Ng decided that she could make a living playing poker.  She moved to Las Vegas and got a job as a blackjack and poker dealer, where she was able to learn more about the game while she was working.  In 2003, she won her way into the World Poker Tour’s Ladies Night I event.  Evelyn finished 2nd, beating out some of the best female poker pros in the world, including Annie Duke and Jennifer Harman.  Since then, Evelyn Ng has been playing in more poker tournaments, and she still enjoys playing in the big cash games as well.

As of 2010, Evelyn Ng had earned more than $342,785 in total. This does not come as a surprise when her ambition as a poker player is to become “filthy rich.”

Evelyn Ng is a spokesperson for Bodog Poker.  Bodog Poker is part of a larger gambling network, as Bodog also has a casino, a sportsbook, and a race book. You can learn more about Bodog, click the link above.

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Evelyn Ng
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Professional Poker Player
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Evelyn Ng
September 14, 1975
Las Vegas, Nevada