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Farzad Bonyadi PokerFarzad Bonyadi is an Iranian-American poker player who was born in Tehran, Iran. After the Iranian Revolution, he moved to Vienna, Austria, where he studied agriculture in college.  He moved to the United States in 1983, where he found a job as a proposition player at a casino near LA.  He improved his game working as a proposition player and started playing in some of the biggest high stakes poker games he could find.

Farzad Bonyadi became the executive host of the high-limit poker games at the Los Angeles Commerce Casino.  While at it, Farzad Bonyadi got to host the big games and play against some of the biggest names poker had to offer.

Farzad Bonyadi made his first trip to the World Series of Poker in 1997, which was the first tournament he had ever played.  In 1998, in only the second tournament he had ever played, Farzad Bonyadi won the $2000 Limit Holdem event at the 1998 World Series of Poker to earn his first WSOP bracelet.  In 2004, he won his second bracelet, playing $2000 Deuce to Seven Triple Draw.  Then in 2005 he won his third bracelet, playing $2500 No Limit Holdem.

Farzad Bonyadi has had 4 first place finishes with winnings totalling to $3,957,911.

Farzad Bonyadi currently lives in Aliso Viejo, California and prefers to spend time with his family, so he doesn’t go to casinos very often.  Instead he plays poker online.  Farzad Bonyadi is part of the Full Tilt Poker team of professional poker players, so if you want to play against him, or just play poker at Full Tilt Poker, simply visit Fulltiltpoker.com and sign up for a new account.

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Farzad Bonyadi
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