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Joe Beevers bioJoe Beevers was born on December 9, 1967 in London, England. When he turned ten, his father began teaching him how to card count in blackjack.  When he turned 18, he formed a 4-person card counting team with his father and two others.  They ended up being too successful, with Joe Beevers being banned from four casinos.  His father had Joe beat, as he was banned from the age of 19.  At least one of the two was banned from 21 of the 23 London casinos.  This put an end to their blackjack playing.

Joe Beevers started playing poker during one of these blackjack sessions when he entered a stud tournament. The game interested him, and he started playing poker more and more while he was at university. Joe Beevers was an excellent poker player by the time he finished school, and he never settled down to life in the office.  Joe Beevers hosted a home game at his house in the Hendon section of London.  Ram Vaswani, Barny Boatman and Ross Boatman were regulars, and the four of them began hitting the tournament scene in London. They carpooled to the tournaments and always wore dark suits and shades, leading other players to start referring to them as the Hendon Mob.  Joe Beevers was the only one who lived in Hendon, but the nickname was too good to pass up.

Joe Beevers has several major victories, but has not won a World Series of Poker or World Poker Tour event.  He has won events at the British Open, the Irish Open, and the Four Queens Poker Classic.  He has won more than a million dollars in poker tournament play.

Joe Beevers is part of the Full Tilt Poker team of professional poker players, as is the rest of the Hendon Mob.  You can find them playing online exclusively at Full Tilt Poker.

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Joe Beevers
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Professional Poker Player
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Joe Beevers
December 9, 1967
Hertfordshire, United Kingdom