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Oklahoma Johnny Hale Poker

Johnny Hale, aka Oklahoma, has been around poker for a very long time. He was born in Pittsburgh, Oklahoma on September 30, 1927 and attended Oklahoma University.  He was a successful businessman before turning to poker. Together with his friend Benny Binion, Johnny Hale helped form the World Series of Poker.  He would still be playing poker three decades from then.

Today Johnny Hale is one of the leading spokespeople for senior poker players.  He is the 1980 winner of the Seniors WCOP championship. He created the Seniors Hall of Fame and on occasion has helped organize the Seniors World Championship of Poker, which takes place during the WSOP.

Johnny Hale is known for being a true gentleman gambler. He has even published a book entitled Gentleman Gambler, which is a chronicle of his life.  Johnny is always willing to sell a copy with his autograph, always signing with his favorite saying “Stay Lucky.”

Johnny Hale’s favorite hobbies are fishing, playing poker, and hunting. His favorite movie is Cool Hand Luke.

Today, Johnny Hale lives in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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Johnny Hale
Job Title
Professional Poker Player

About Johnny Hale

Full Name
Oklahoma Johnny Hale
September 30, 1927
Las Vegas, Nevada