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Surinder Sunar PokerSurinder Sunar was born in Dhinpur Punjab, India on April 1, 1959. He now lives in Wolverhampton, UK. He is known as one of the best European poker players.  Surinder Sunar has an expressionless demeanor at the poker table, always concentrating hard at the game and not letting anything affect him.  Dave “The Devilfish” Ulliot once came up to Surinder Sunar at a poker tournament where Surinder was in the final three to tell him that Princess Diana had died.  Despite the news upsetting him, Surinder was able to set it aside and keep his concentration on the poker tournament, which he went on to win.

Surinder won the World Poker Tour Grand Prix de Paris event in season 3.  His heads-up opponent, Tony Guoga, taunted Surinder Sunar throughout the final table, but Surinder Sunar was expressionless and very concentrated as he went on to take the victory and the €679,000 first prize.

Surinder Sunar no longer plays in many poker tournaments, saying that the level of concentration needed for his play is more than he cares to put forth most of the time.  To date, (March, 2013), Surinder Sunar has earned more than $3.6 million in poker tournament winnings.

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Surinder Sunar
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Professional Poker Player

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Surinder Sunar
April 1, 1959
Wolverhampton, United Kingdom