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Ted Forest PokerTed Forrest was born in Syracuse, New York on September 24, 1964. He got his start in poker when he worked at a hotel near the Grand Canyon.  Ted would frequently commute to Las Vegas to play poker, and he won enough money there to finance a college education.  However, Ted Forrest dropped out of college nine credits short of graduation and returned to the poker table. He says it was one of the best decisions he had ever made.

Ted Forrest won three bracelets at the 1993 World Series of Poker, the bracelets coming in events of Razz Poker, Omaha 8 or Better, and Seven Card Stud.  Winning three WSOP bracelets in one year is a feat that has been matched only by Phil Hellmuth and Phil Ivey. Ted Forrest focused entirely on cash games for a number of years, not even entering the WSOP.  However, Ted re-entered the WSOP when the fields got larger, and he won two more bracelets in the 2004 WSOP, coming in Seven Card Stud and No Limit Holdem.  Ted Forrest has also made it to three World Poker Tour final tables and has appeared on the GSN show High Stakes Poker.

Ted Forrest is a true gambler, and enjoys making proposition bets.  He has bet that Huck Seed’s brother Leif could not run from Las Vegas to LA while only sleeping twice.  He has also won a marathon in Las Vegas’s 115 degree heat in order to win a bet.  Somebody once bet Ted Forrest at the WSOP that Ted could not do a standing back flip. He  earned a quick $10,000 from this bet.

Ted Forrest lost $100,000 to Mike Matusow by betting Mike that he couldn’t drop from 250 pounds to 185 pounds in a year. Then, in 2009, Ted Forrest and Mike Matusow were discussing another weight loss prop bet. This time, the bet was to see if Ted Forrest could lose the weight. In it’s simplest terms, Mike Matusow offered Ted Forrest $1 million against Ted’s $100,000 on the Sept. 24 date and another $1 million against Forrest’s $50,000 on the July 15 date. No diuretics or amputation were allowed. Ted Forrest ended up winning the prop bet, and Mike Matusow is now paying him monthly until the bet is over.

Ted Forrest lives in Las Vegas, Nevada and used to play online at Full Tilt Poker under the screename “Profbackwards.”

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Ted Forrest
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