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BetOnline Poker Video Review

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BetOnline Poker General Information

BetOnline Poker Lobby

While some may consider the absence of several “big name” poker venues detrimental to the progression of online poker, there’s another site that’s continually doing its part to make sure online poker remains in the forefront. BetOnline, which is a recently established multi-purpose gaming entity, is a cutting-edge leader in online poker and goes above and beyond to convince its consumers of such high praise.

Players from the U.S. and even neighboring locations have been searching endlessly for a site worthy of everyday grinding, and BetOnline fits this profile rather well. Regardless of whether you’re a PC gamer or a Mac enthusiast, online poker players from both worlds can experience the features of BetOnline seamlessly. Labeled as one of the most “exciting and enjoyable gaming experiences on the web,” players will be satisfied in knowing that they can consistently find the features, fun, and funds that they’ve so desperately been seeking.

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BetOnline Features and Layout

To some, physical appearance is everything. However, for the enlightened and experienced, we realize it’s much more important to possess substance rather than style. In more ways than one, BetOnline Poker has adopted this approach, by maintaining a minimalistic platform, devoid of clutter but never lacking in refinement. Instead, each piece of the poker puzzle is organized and displayed in plain-view, so that even the newest players can exit and join tables with ease. Tabs for Hold’em, Omaha, Tournaments and other aspects of BetOnline are all accessible from their main menu.

BetOnline Poker Table
Poker Table

When it comes to other more intuitive features, BetOnline comes through in this regard as well. Distinct selections such as heads-up play, sportsbook or casino money transfers, player details and notes, table statistics, and much more all help players get familar with a few of the traits that they’ve grown accustomed to. Nonetheless, BetOnline has a few quirky additions that several poker players can find useful.

One of those inclusions is the display of a connectivity meter, which regularly gauges the strength of your internet connection based on several components. Obviously, players who are lucky enough to be enjoying poker through a high-speed internet connection such as cable or fiber-optics, will have the highest readings on the connectivity gauge. However, what makes this meter useful, is that even those who have high-speed internet services can diagnose a connection issue if their meter is showing intermittency. So when you’re involved in a monster hand, and for some reason your connection slows, you may be able to fix the issue before any major damage occurs.

On the other side of the spectrum, is the inclusion of a convenient sports ticker. Although not directly related to poker, since football is an important component of nearly any male’s Sunday, while you’re playing in your favorite Sunday guarantee you can also catch betting lines and updated game information should you be searching for it. Just a nice touch to the BetOnline software, in the case that you may be interested in such an option.

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Customer Service at BetOnline

Admitting this on their web site, BetOnline Poker is dedicated to establishing long-lasting, positive relationships with each and every consumer. As most of us know, the recent online gaming community has been volatile with player scandal and company instability, and what many online players are in need of is a place they can trust and rely on. BetOnline is filling that void in the online world by striving to become one of the most supportive and successful online gaming franchises.

In order to get there, they’ve started from the ground up, and that’s their Customer Support team. Driven by player feedback and ideas, the reason BetOnline remains current is through player opinion. They give players exactly what they want, and they do so with substantial accuracy and speed. Several methods of contact are available, including toll-free telephone, live chat, and email service. Also, for those who are a part of the ever-growing Skype community, you can also chat with staff members within that forum.

In an effort to remove the stereotype of distrust with the online poker community, BetOnline Poker has made it a priority to detail the specific guidelines of fair and illegal activity on their site. They regularly scour their software for suspicious activity, so if you’re considering foul play, BetOnline is one of the last locations you’ll want to deceive.

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BetOnline Poker Competition

Online poker players are always searching for a game that yields the highest expectation in terms of expected value (EV). Fortunately enough, for those who play on BetOnline, nearly any table you locate is a profitable one.

Typically, poker rooms that also cater to the casino and sportsbetting demographics tend to syphon their players through all three channels. To the benefit of professionals and skillful amateurs, those who excel in poker knowledge and creativity will be able to pick apart their opposition because of their inexperience. The games are very soft, with players usually playing either over-aggressively, or far too passive. Experts who are able to execute a unique hybrid of loose aggression and timely value bets, will be well ahead of the curve when it comes to the highest earning potentials.

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BetOnline Poker Games

As mentioned previously, since BetOnline is also host to several other popular games, when it comes to poker it seems as though they’ve forgotten about a few variations. Although some won’t miss these inclusions, games such as Stud, Razz, and anything of the Draw variety are glaringly missing. However, what BetOnline Poker does very well, is offer a bunch of different types of play for Hold’em and Omaha games.

Whether you enjoy playing heads-up, 6-max or full-ring, players can enjoy each of these game types in either Omaha or Hold’em. Both games also have No-Limit, Pot-Limit and Limit versions that can be utilized.

Most importantly, when it comes to finding games, you’ll usually be able to jump right into the action. During off-peak hours, it becomes slightly more difficult to find games. Nonetheless, players who play small-stakes NL and lower, will almost always be able to spot a few profitable tables after immediately logging on.

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Poker Tournaments at BetOnline

Tournaments are a favorite amongst both pros and amateurs alike. In what is deemed the true test of a poker player’s resilience, BetOnline has tournaments lined up around the clock for players to validate their egos.

What’s fantastic about BetOnline and their tournaments, is that players who specialize in all different forms of tournament play have the chance to participate in their best categories. If you’re a Sit-N-Go shark, you can take advantage of your aptitude by crushing those games. If your game is better suited for long levels and patient play, you’ll likely be entering the large buy-in guaranteed events that BetOnline offers. Whether you play Rebuys, Freerolls, Freezeouts, or Turbos, you’ll find something that suits your preferences accurately.

Occasionally, BetOnline Poker will also provide chances to enter big buy-in live tournaments. Always running about a month or two ahead of schedule, players who are looking for a cheaper way to get their hands on the fame and fortune associated with these destinations will have their opportunity by buying into one of the satellites or qualifiers.

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Freerolls at BetOnline Poker

To some surprise, BetOnline focuses a lot of their time into making sure that players have plenty of Freeroll tournaments to look forward to. Running around the clock every hour, the payouts for these Freerolls range anywhere from $10 to $200.

Freerolls give the average player the chance to earn real-money, without ever making a real investment. However, in an intriguing twist to freeroll poker, some events allow players to rebuy or add-on to their original stacks, boosting the overall prize pool even more! You may also partake in BetOnline’s Hit & Run Freerolls, which are one of their most popular. They’re fast-paced, exciting, and offer plenty of money to the winners.

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Poker Stakes

If you’re looking for the pinnacle of intense, high-stakes action, BetOnline won’t be your ideal niche. But for players who prefer small-to-medium stake entertainment, there’s plenty of opportunities to cash in on some weak competition.

With games ranging from the micro-limits of $1c/$2c up to $50/$100, you’re likely to find an area that makes both you and your bankroll comfortable. The action stays consistent up until you reach the highest levels of play, where formidable foes are usually sequestered for hours waiting for action. Even if you are a high-stakes regular, with the disappearance of many online players, you may be better suited grinding a slightly smaller game and taking advantage of the easier opponents.

When it comes down to it, you can be a high roller or a casual amateur, and BetOnline will spread the stakes enough so that all types of individuals can appreciate their game selection.

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Players Reward at BetOnline

BetOnline Poker’s player reward system is called Pop Points, and players will earn cash by accumulating a large amount of these. Structured similarly to a few other online poker reward systems, the points that you earn can be turned into real-money by buying in to Freeroll tournaments. In an effort to reward players more than a typical Freeroll would, they frequently increase the value of the prize pool — up to $1,000 — so players can rake in massive pots and huge payouts for winning these events. And one of the best attributes about these tournaments is that they’re very exclusive — players won’t need to fight 8,000 players to win!

While earning cash back is great, deposit bonuses also help players earn free cash. BetOnline features two separate deposit bonuses — The Better Bonus Guarantee and the Lifetime Bonus Guarantee.

The Better Bonus Guarantee is easy to understand — players who have the drive (and luck) to find another site that offers a bigger bonus can take that offer to BetOnline, who will then “meet it or beat it” to prove they’re a company that values consumer contentment. BetOnline laughs at the measely 10-20% “Welcome Bonuses” that other sites present. They want to bring the best bonus opportunities to you, and they’ll do so at any cost to them.

The Lifetime Bonus Guarantee is also very lucrative, as it provides a 25% free play bonus for EVERY deposit that you make. They don’t believe in weekly or monthly deposit stipends. Players should always be rewarded for their dedicated effort, and BetOnline ensures that happens.

On top of it all, several seasonal promotional opportunities run too, such as their free tournament entries and cash back programs. So be sure to bookmark both MacPokerOnline and BetOnline Poker to receive all of the latest promotional information.

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Deposit and Withdrawal Methods

A few different deposit methods are accepted on BetOnline. Visa, Mastercard, Person-to-Person, Bank Transfer, Prepaid Card, Money Order,, BooktoBook, Neteller, Bank wire and Check may all be used.

For Withdrawals: Person-to-Person, Neteller, BooktoBook, and Check.

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