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Truly one of the pioneers of online poker, Party Poker was at one time the holy grail of earning potential. At one stage home to both U.S. and international players, the golden years of online poker were once solely dedicated to this site. Although those days of easy money have come and gone, Party Poker still continues to deliver to its devoted poker community. Players from around the globe still continue to call Party Poker home, and the online poker giant has done everything but move backwards in terms of offering the best features and gameplay found anywhere on the ‘net.

Since being established in 2001, Party Poker has taken the title of being the biggest online poker room around. While it has since been overtaken by several other U.S. friendly sites in terms of popularity, the recent merger between Bwin and PartyGaming has steadily increased its volume statistics. Bringing in thousands upon thousands of ring game and tournament players alike, Party Poker is once again establishing itself as a premier destination for online poker.

With player participation being at such a high level, it’s understandable to see big-name faces such as Kara Scott, Mike Sexton and Tony G as a few of the site’s top pros and leading endorsers. Although the site has its fair share of high-stakes pros, Party Poker has traditionally be labeled as a place where the soft competition has been unbelievably soft. Although not being close to what it used to be, there’s still a few soft spots to be examined if you can search the right areas.

The UIGEA may have stopped the participation of players from the United States, but the new legislation also helped Party Poker remain as one of the most secure sites within the online poker community. The Bwin-Party merger has allowed the top conglomerates to combine their online gaming expertise into a well-organized and safe environment for players to participate in.