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About Poker

Last Updated: January 2, 2013

Being an industry leader requires admirable characteristics – consistency, generosity, and status – and those are some of the qualities that prides themselves on. For over a decade, has been delivering the highest quality online poker experience they can, in accompaniment of unprecedented sports book and casino operations. The body of work that this site has displayed truly elevates its rapport amongst actual consumers and critics, and helps alleviate many concerns that new customers may undergo as well. The unique and unrivaled ability to micro-manage such a host of world-class clients puts not only ahead in terms of their poker software, but also in regards to their recognition in respect to mass appeal.

If you’re new to, you’ll quickly understand that this site isn’t just a poker brand – essentially it’s become a way of life and method of prosperity for many of its players. While the poker brand is hard to miss, one of the trends you’ll immediately observe with is their multi-operational objective. Typically, sites that run a great poker site want to focus solely on improving that operation, but with you’ll notice that they’ve invested time in other areas as well. Poker will never become boring – particularly for die-hard players – but comprehending that there are other methods to making money is something that wanted to stress. In terms of operating multiple gaming platforms, is one of the leaders, and should continue to be for quite some time.

But, after all we’re here for poker. As exciting as some of the other games can be, those who have made a living from grinding at the tables are aware that poker is the main source of income and profitability. With the features you’ll find on Poker, you’ll be prepared to enter tables as a favorite over the rest of your competitors. Utilizing the options on their site is simple due to their assistance via web help or through their game guide, which may also be found online. And don’t get us wrong, we’re not implying that novices can’t be successful either. Almost any one who signs up with through Mac Poker Online will have a great chance at beating their competitors, and also walking away with a free $2,000 in bonus cash!

We didn’t say it directly, but almost all of you could probably put the dots together and conclude that Poker has all of the games, features and bonuses that all of the players are looking for. If they weren’t offering such great rewards, they wouldn’t be one of the best around. In addition, because of the outstanding job Poker does in catering to its consumers, they consistently show good statistics in terms of traffic. You’ll find players at almost any table, game and stake during the weekends and late nights, so be prepared to put some money at risk and hopefully win big if you spot a few charitable fish. Poker is worth a closer look, you can sign up with us here, right on Mac Poker Online.

Software and Features at Poker

In order to have as much success as has obtained, you’ll to have evolved considerably throughout your years of operation. It’s quite obvious that and its affiliates have done this, but in many ways they’ve managed to stay customary to tradition in the process. Where this consistency is most evident is in their assortment of features and game play options for players.

Because poker is an evolving sport and becoming more difficult than ever, increasing or even maintaining your edge has become a strenuous process. Being an elite and winning player requires not only relentless work ethic away from the tables, but you also need to make sure you’re capable of implementing these tactics in game. Having complete control over your strategy has never been more effortless due to the feature list included with Poker. They’ve gone ahead and inserted every imaginable resource you could think of to help you on your quest to playing winning poker. In turn, not everyone may be looking for that, but instead just want to have as much fun as possible. Poker and its features can help you with that as well.

On top of what offers specifically (which we’ve listed below), it’s essential to mention that their software’s functionality has also become an important component of it’s A+ grade. The graphical displays aren’t necessarily orgasmic, but you’ll be impressed with what Poker does visually and it should hold over most visitors for the time being. hasn’t changed many of their graphics in recent years, but that’s not to say that what they were doing before was sub par. The application still looks good, despite lacking the novelty of some of the other sites on the market.

Because online poker has expanded amongst so many different areas and has attracted many different players, Poker also went ahead and made sure that tech-savvy players who prefer to use Mac computers had the ability to play Poker. Mac is becoming one of the most efficient operating systems available, and with its growing popularity, Poker wanted to make sure that it targeted this niche. In some relevancy, those who enjoy having a mobile option for sports betting or casino play can also now do so from their iphone or other mobile device! hasn’t quite worked out all of the kinks for its poker platform, but mobile poker should be coming soon as well. You may visit the Poker web site for more information on what devices are compatible, along with the update on mobile poker progress.

We alluded that Poker is reliable – both in terms of functionality and game play features – and they’ve raised the bar high for close competitors. The in-game features are really amazing and include: Multi-table support, exposing a card, time banking, player tagging, rabbit hunting, dealing it twice, and smilies. If you’re not aware of what each of these features do, you can view them all under the “How To Play” section of the web page.

We’re not preferential to any of the features, because they’re all worthy of being included, but we have to admit that Smilies is one of the coolest! The ability to type in a single word (Shark, Fish, whoyourdaddy, etc.) and then see an on-screen animation come to life that’s related to what you typed is truly one-of-a-kind! The team members who work on this part of the site are consistently updating new smilies – you’ll have to take the time and find the magic words that unlock the coolest animations! Poker is worth a closer look, you can sign up with us here, right on Mac Poker Online.

Customer Service at Poker

At the beginning of online poker, customer service was almost primarily issued through telephone. Not that this was inefficient, but the inability to diagnose multiple problems become more time consuming than necessary due to extensive wait times and inpatient consumers. The severity of many of these issues has been alleviated with the advancement of technology, and the sophistication of the employees at work who were capable of utilizing the resources at hand to make solving problems much easier. New resources such as live help, web chat, email support and even their Frequently Asked Questions page now allows readers to address problems quickly and easily, and with little effort. The members of Poker’s support team are still very knowledgeable, and when you need them they’ll be particularly useful and understanding.

With online poker, many players need more than just a help desk that’s available 24 hours. Yes, this is a nice (and somewhat standard) feature to have with any online platform, but players need more from their online poker home. The landscape of poker’s monetary security has adjusted so significantly that it’s essentially become the most important credential, and rightfully so. Because making electronic deposits through online poker merchants are truly a product of trust and reviewing your account history, many players feel left in the dark and need to be assured that their money will remain intact throughout the duration of their play on any site. Poker has become one of the most secure sites for poker players, and they’ve even discontinued allowing U.S. players to sign up become of government and legal restrictions in that geographic location. Poker’s goal is to have the financial portion of their site run as smooth as possible, and they’ve expanded the traditional role of customer service into greater and broader avenues to accommodate such a purpose. Just as it’s important to know where your money is being held, Poker also wants you to know that it’s just as important to them to prevent others from stealing it. Fraudulent transactions, colluding or any other form of scandal will not be tolerated.

Players won’t have to wait for extended periods of time to receive feedback on their inquiries either. Typically you’ll be able to open a message in your inbox within a few days, and matters of greater importance will try to be handled the same day or the following day. Poker is worth a closer look, you can sign up with us here, right on Mac Poker Online.

Poker Games at Poker

If you’ve read any of the strategy articles we’ve listed on Mac Poker Online, you’ve likely come across our steady suggestion to expand your repertoire of games. We’re not telling you to randomly jump in the first Badugi or Open-Face Chinese Poker game that you see, but instead we’re offering that by learning other games, you’ll be able to take advantage of more money-making opportunities.

What often happens with many players, is that they try to crawl before they can walk. Poker has tried to prevent players from making this costly mistake by limiting the game selection to only those that are the most popular. Texas Hold’em has been included, along with Omaha and Stud, and each of these games can be played in various formats. Limit, no-limit and pot-limit are available in nearly every genre, and should help to spice up the action if you’re missing some of the other rare games that you’ll find spread across other sites.

It’s important to focus on the basics. If you’re the type who has become proficient at all three of these games, then hats off to you. But it’s likely that there are readers who haven’t played Seven-Card Stud once in their life. For those of you, don’t make the error of playing too many games at once – you’ll likely get discouraged with your bad to mediocre results, and either play bad in return or quit playing altogether. A simpler approach is much more beneficial, and if you work on building your skill set in each game individually before expanding your knowledge you’ll be much better off in the long run.

Even for those who have become adept at some of the game types, you can take your knowledge deeper by acknowledging poker’s sub-categories – heads-up, deep-stacked or shallow-stacked to name a few – and work on these parts of your game to become well-rounded. Obviously, being profitable in the game of your preference is most important, but if you aspire to become one of the world’s best, why not give yourself the chance by dominating opponents in any game they choose to play you in.

On, as with almost every other online poker site, the most popular games are Hold’em and Omaha. You will find the seldom Stud game, but it will often be inhabited by quality individuals who are looking for a curious fish to sit in. If you do happen to find a lucrative Stud game, make sure you’re prepared to take advantage by studying how the game is played. Instructions are given in detail on the web page under “How To Play”.

Game expansion may be coming soon, and those who prefer to play a wider variety of poker games should be looking forward to their progress. All-encompassing mixed games should be on the horizon, along with some of the other lesser-played poker variants.

Don’t forget, also has casino and sports betting platforms, which are conveniently integrated into their poker software. All it takes is the click of a button to transfer money and begin making wagers. Give it a try! Poker is worth a closer look, you can sign up with us here, right on Mac Poker Online.

Traffic at Poker

Unfortunately, having success at the virtual felt is more than just a product of your own poker prowess. While having a broad skill set will make your incredibly feared, there is truly no better way to make money at the table than by playing with terrible opponents. However, in order to make this happen, we need to first make sure enough fish are signing on.

Being one of the better players on the site won’t necessarily make you money if you’re only playing against other competent or worthy competitors. Getting enough foot traffic in the door should be one of your essential criteria in terms of selecting an online room, and also your overall plan for “game selection”. Because is a Merge network gaming site, they benefit from the steady people that Merge Network has been able to gather for many years. A combination of both a worthy platform and a popular network, you should be content with how many players you see on the site at any given time.

If you haven’t played online poker at all, you’ll want to take note that traffic spikes typically occur later in the day and on the weekends because of greater availability to those who have typical 9-to-5 careers. Because the spike usually comes from recreational players, you’ll want to be available during these times to make the most money. What also works to the benefit of skilled players in the carry over from the casino and sports book, which usually brings gamblers who are testing their luck for the night. They could walk away with some of your money, but more often you’ll leave with theirs.

No-Limit Hold’em consistently earns the most players, both for cash games and tournaments, so if you’re looking for a popular game to play that’s filled with bad to average players, stick here. Poker is worth a closer look, you can sign up with us here, right on Mac Poker Online.

Poker Tournaments at Poker

Becoming the holy grail of poker activity almost happened overnight for tournament events. The “Moneymaker Effect” was truly an occasion that sparked participation by anyone who had an interest in poker, and this late transitioned into online poker as well. Because online tournaments are easy to enter from the comfort of your own home, and online poker can be relatively inexpensive in comparison to live events, the boom from online tournaments was to be expected. Poker made sure that this trend only goes upwards, and they guarantee that players will come back by offering one of the widest arrays of limits and options for tournament events.

The most popular sector of online poker had to be improved on a regular basis, otherwise players would grow bored of playing the same tournaments with the same players. Because of the generous mix that Poker offers, you won’t frequently see familiar faces and don’t have to worry about getting tired with certain events. Sure, you’ll be able to play the same events if you wish, but for those who are a bit more adventurous or multi-talented you may desire to join rare tournaments to make consistent cash. Regardless of what you choose, will continue to add new categories to their tournament lists for variety.

Speaking of lists, for those who want to take a glance at some of the events Poker has, on their web site they’ve listed several tournaments within a small framework on the right side of their poker page. Within this framework you’ll see the date, time, name of poker game and the buy-in for several events within the hour. While not a complete list, it is a good start for those who want to get a feel for what is presenting.

The site is very sufficient in terms of poker options, allowing players to buy-in for little to nothing, yet also put hundreds of dollars at risk for the opportunity to win thousands if they wish. In relation, no matter the amount that you decide to remit on tournaments the fee structure is very forgiving, not charging players too much in additional cost on top of their buy-ins. Selecting a game type is also simple, and through the platform you’ll find additional filters that can help you narrow the events down to something that suits you best. You can re-buy, satellite and join shootouts with ease – just follow the menus on the “Tournaments” tab of the Poker client.

Because of the growing nature of online poker, winning a big online tournament has now become a premier way to earn notoriety. It’s the go-to medium for both established and upcoming players because it can either secure your place amongst poker’s elite, or create a budding reputation as one of the newest online players to fear. Online tournaments are ideal because there is less monetary risk (if you wish), more options, huge payouts, fame and also the chance to win luxury live tournament packages with barely anything invested. On top of it all, those who take part in tournaments on are rewarded with the most bonuses! No matter what type of tournament you enjoy (Sit-N-Go, MTTs, etc.), you’ll be rewarded for your effort at Poker.

Let’s not forget, many of the fields are soft and easy to beat too! Poker is worth a closer look, you can sign up with us here, right on Mac Poker Online.

Freerolls at Poker

For beginners, this type of tournament may appeal to you! The freeroll events on Poker are a great opportunity to learn the game of poker, while also giving yourself the chance to earn real money in the process. Making a deposit online can sometimes be a hassle, especially in certain areas and with the restrictions on certain financial institutions. However, entering freeroll tournaments doesn’t cost you anything! All you need to do is sign up for a freeroll event through the downloadable client and begin playing! It’s that easy!

While freeroll events can be exciting, and potentially lucrative, if you truly want to make some money you’ll need to do it upon the moment you download the platform. For those who are new to the site, Poker has a $500 Welcome Freeroll available to players who have recently joined their network. Typically the freeroll events have payouts around $50, but this one is ten times that! You can really save your online account from looking dismal by winning one of these, and then joining some of the other exciting cash games and tournaments they offer.

One of the only setbacks in regards to freeroll tournaments are their playability. Sometimes you’ll encounter big fields full of wild gamblers, and this will usually require more luck than skill. Nonetheless, patient and skillful players will do better than those doing the opposite. Freerolls also don’t run very often – typically between 2-3 times a day. Entering these events usually require planning, and also you’ll need to be fast in signing up before all of the spots are taken.

Ultimately it becomes a “take what you can get” type of system, where you’ll either love how freerolls are designed or you’ll hate them. If you don’t enjoy freeroll tournaments, there are plenty of other options on Poker for players to pick from. Poker is worth a closer look, you can sign up with us here, right on Mac Poker Online.

Stakes at Poker

Maybe to the disappointment of some, Poker doesn’t have the nosebleed limits that some players are seeking. While they’re both exciting for the pros who participate and the observers who gawk at the action, they’re not very practical given the traffic on the site. Poker does well in bringing in new players, but typically these players are looking to play smaller, or at the most a mid-range cash game or tournament. Poker would need both more traffic and professionals in order to consider having nosebleed stakes on its platform.

Nonetheless, between the micro-stakes and the mid-stakes (typically ranging from $1c/$2c to $10/$20), this should suit about 95% of the online poker community. Or at least those who play on Poker. There are some professionals who consistently play as high as they can, but for those looking to make more money consistently, staying under $5/$10 will be ideal.

Both cash games and tournaments have similar ranges in terms of buy-ins, and it’s about what you can expect from the industry standard, if not slightly lower.

If you are looking to get big money into play, the most gamblers reside in Pot-Limit Omaha. But be careful – there are many sharks that occupy these waters as well. Poker is worth a closer look, you can sign up with us here, right on Mac Poker Online.

Competition at Poker

Because Poker is bigger than many online poker sites out there, they do have the disservice of having a better-than-average player pool. Not to say that you can’t win on the site, but depending on the stakes you choose it could require a bit more effort on your part. In turn, because does generate a lot of interest from professionals and amateurs alike, you’ll get to see a good mix of novices and quality players throughout your visits to the table.

As you ascend the latter into the high-stakes games, you’ll steadily notice the competition getting tougher. For those looking for soft games, you’ll want to avoid this environment. If you’re looking to test your aptitude, that’s a different story entirely. When it comes to Hold’em in particular, the high-stakes games are very dangerous.

As customary to most online poker sites, the micro and small-stakes games are easier, and you likely won’t need the assistance of tracking software to spot easy targets because there will be so many. However, it’s not a bad idea to do so. Using a program such as Poker Tracker 3 can help tremendously in locating the bad players, and make table selection a breeze. If you can’t afford Poker Tracker, you can always use the “Player Tag” function within the software to mark which players are the worst. Poker is worth a closer look, you can sign up with us here, right on Mac Poker Online.

Player Rewards at Poker

Not to anyone’s surprise, bonuses have become one of the primary reasons new players decide to join an online site. Why those who play the game as a career do care about the bonuses being offered, the competition and level of play are what matter most. But for the rest of us, you’ll be thrilled to know that Poker is VERY generous when it comes to bonuses. They currently have an outstanding first deposit bonus offer of 200% up to $2,000, and also have recurring reload bonuses that are sent monthly to their most loyal consumers. No matter what type of player you are, there should be a reward option that fits you and your playing frequency.

Aside from the deposit bonuses, Poker has done a good job of offering additional bonuses to players who play tournaments. They have programs called “Tourney King”, “Sit-N-Go Leader Boards”, as well as “Multi-Table Tournament Leader Boards” that gives rewards to players who consistently domination tournament events. If this is you, you’ll be racking up rewards in no time!

But, what about the cash-game players? Do they receive any special bonuses? Of course they do! With the Ace High VIP Program, all players who play for real money on Poker will receive points that they can use to redeem for cash back and tournament entries. Players earn points by providing to the rake in cash games, and also by contributing to the tournament fees in events. It’s such a simple way to earn points, and the more often you play the more you’ll receive! (Players who have rake back accounts are not eligible to redeem points for cash. Please view the Poker web site for more details.)

The VIP system has levels, and as you earn more points you’ll progressively move through the levels. By reaching the highest levels you’ll be allowed to redeem for INSANE amounts of free cash! Poker is worth a closer look, you can sign up with us here, right on Mac Poker Online.

Deposits and Withdrawals at Poker

The most standard options are available on Poker, along with some specialty finance options. VISA, Neteller and Skrill (previously Moneybookers) are the most prevalent, despite other options being available. Check your online account for more details on what options are available to you in your market. Poker is worth a closer look, you can sign up with us here, right on Mac Poker Online.