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Even though we talk about CalculatemPro, we no longer recommend this software given their decline in service, support, and communication in the industry.

Introduction to Calculatem Pro

Calculatem Pro is a poker odds calculator, a tool that instantly calculates the odds of your hand winning in the end. It appears on the screen as you play Texas Holdem, and offers real-time odds and advice. This tool makes the calculations for you, so you don’t waste valuable time. You can make smarter decisions, which means more winning.

Calculatem Pro was built by the team that created Texas Calculatem, an already popular poker odds calculator. Texas Calculatem claims to have over 25,000 players using their calculator, and have now used their experience to develop Calculatem Pro.

You can play with Calculatem Pro at over 100 online poker rooms.

Calculatem Pro Review

Calculatem Pro is the latest poker odds calculator that sets the bar a bit higher, and outperforms its competitors. I have played with several online calculators in the past several years, and this one is by far the most advanced. It has more sophisticated calculations and new features the competitors haven’t mastered yet, plus Calculatem Pro is the only poker odds calculator endorsed by Card Player Magazine.

Calculatem Pro’s technology provides a remarkably smarter poker experience. They sum it up nicely on their website with this statement:

Calculatem Pro uses the latest, most sophisticated technology and algorithms to instantly calculate hand AND pot odds – bringing you the most accurate advice in a sleek, easy-to-use interface. Calculatem Pro’s unmatched capabilities allow you to act quicker – and smarter – than your opponents so you win more pots.

I’ve found that Calculatem Pro is perfect for everybody: brand new players to seasoned sharks. The software is a ‘pro’ at what it does; it’s not just for ‘pro’ players. This makes Calculatem Pro perfect for anyone interested in improving their game.

Calculatem Pro Features

I personally use Calculatem Pro because it has even more advanced calculations and many new features including:

  1. Pot Odds Calculations
  2. Shows You Your Odds of winning on the river
  3. Calculates Odds of winning on the next card
  4. Enhanced personalization options so you can customize to your personal playing style
  5. Killer graphics and a user-friendly interface
  6. Instantly shows your hand odds and **outs**
  7. Gives you betting advice in real-time on every hand
  8. Utilizes “Fold Depth” technology to improve calculations
  9. Convenient drag and drop feature to easily attach to the poker room

How Calculatem Pro Works

Calculatem Pro takes into consideration fold depth; not only who has folded, but at what point in the hand they folded. This allows Calculatem Pro to make better guesses as to what the folded players may have held, and what they weren’t holding, based on what the community cards were at the time they folded. As a result, it makes better guesses as to what your opponents who are still in are holding.

Calculatem Pro also uses auto-read, a feature that will automatically read your cards as well as the other cards in play allowing you to focus on playing the game. Then it displays the odds in a simple way that makes it easier to determine how to play.

There are 2 modes that you can play in with this poker odds calculator.

Mini Mode

Mini mode is ideal for playing when your maximum monitor resolution is 800×600. Viewing the mini-mode window from left to right, you’ll see your hand, the cards in play, players in, players folded, total outs, and odds to win. At the far right side of this window you’ll see Calculatem Pro’s advice meter and window giving you exact advice on how to best play your current hand. This is all the critical information you’ll need to win more hands playing online poker.

An example of Calculatem Pro in mini mode

Full Mode

The sleek and easy to read layout of Calculatem Pro gives you access to every aspect of the game you are playing. The top portion of the interface displays gives you an easy to read layout of the cards in your hand and the cards in play.

The center portion of the interface displays Calculatem Pro’s advice on how to play your hand. This advice is shown in a convenient “meter” style graphic indicating how you should play. There is information on odds you’ll draw to win, total outs, pot vs. call, odds you hold a winner, as well as additional odds information about your hand.

Toward the bottom of the full mode interface is where you can find specific odds information about the game you’re playing: Odds on the River, Odds on the Next Card, the Table, and the Deck. (See screenshots for details)

There is also an options screen personalize Calculatem Pro as much or as little as you want with a wide range of controllable options.

Why I Recommend Calculatem Pro

Calculatem Pro provides a wide variety of enhanced features in a user-friendly software.  It calculates both hand and pot odds and delivers advice all in real time.  It’s like having your own personal poker pro giving you advice as you play every hand.

In addition, the software is from the company that created Texas Calculatem, the original odds calculator now used by over 25,000 online poker players. It has earned a great reputation, and Calculatem Pro has even more features to satisfy players’ needs.

Finally, this calculator will increase your chances of winning. Eliminate guessing and get a true advantage over other players. In online poker, time equals money; let the software calculate odds for you, allowing you to keep your mind on the game and winning.

Free Updates to Calculatem Pro:

Once you sign up for Calculatem Pro, an occassional update may be neccesary. If there is an upgrade available to the program, you will instantly receive a message to do so the next time you play with it. All upgrades are free and you get them for as long as you have an active license.

How Much Does Calculatem Pro Cost?

Believe it or not, you can get the software for free by opening a real money account at any of their partner poker rooms. All you have to do is open a new account with one of their partner poker rooms, and they’ll give you a free 1-year license of Calculatem Pro.

Currently there is no purchase option for the software. But who can really complain about getting this fantastic software for free?

Is Calculatem Pro for you?

The real advantage of Calculatem Pro is that it is appropriate and beneficial for players of all skill levels.  Because it uses advanced technology and graphics, it creates a simpler experience, useful for players new to online poker.  It works hard so you don’t have to!

However, Calculatem Pro is slightly more tailored to the needs of seasoned sharks. Because of the number of highly advanced features, it is perfect for an experienced player, particularly the pot odds calculations. The software is designed to anticipate and provide high-level information necessary to make smart decisions and win more often.

What’s Missing from Calculatem Pro?

While Calculatem Pro does offer a wide variety of features, there are a few features that are not available. Two things stick out to me.

First, the manual offline mode doesn’t allow you to calculate odds for multiple players. A lot of the calculators posted on the web do this, but these guys apparently spent more time focusing on the calculations that matter, the ones that happen while you’re actually playing.

Second, I’d love to see a player tracking tool integrated with Calculatem Pro, but it’s not happening. That would really make it unbeatable.

My Story:

On a more personal level, I love playing with Calculatem Pro. At first I thought odds calculators were illegal, but it turns out that the only online poker software programs that are illegal are player tracking programs like PokerEdge, although most online poker rooms can’t detect its use. What I found out was that all poker rooms actually encourage players to use odds calculators such as Calculatem Pro. It’s been great for my game. I’m not chasing bad hands. I’m avoiding bad beats, and most importantly I’m cashing out more often.

I’ve been telling everyone I know about Calculatem Pro. If you haven’t tried it, get your free license on their website at

More ScreenShots of Calculatem Pro

Customer Testimonials:

“So far this version is AWESOME!  Much nicer graphics. and the Pot Odds portion is awesome.  I’ll gladly renew when it’s time.  You’ve got a great product.  I never play without it.  Now I can compare my odds to win with my pot odds and make a decision without having to do it in my head.  Very nice. Thanks again!  Can’t wait to tell my friends!”


“I recently downloaded and began playing with Calculatem Pro, and I love it. It reminds me, when I get inpatient, that my hand sucks, as well as reassures me that my hand is good enough to be played when I start over thinking my hand and want to fold. It has increased my poker winnings for sure. It gives a lot of great advice, although, at some times, there is no substitute for a players intuition. Thanks for the link, it is greatly appreciated.”

– J.A.

“Calculatem Pro is superb and very clever software. Really helps and highlights plays which I wouldn’t normally play. To be honest I am a tourney player rather than ring game. Was just trying to earn the hands quickly on the cash tables so I can use Pro at my favorite sites (Betfair & Eurobet)…seem to do really well there.”

Thanks again, Andrew

“I like Calculatem Pro very much, it is perfect when multi-tabling, no way to keep up with the odds calculating otherwise.”